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Bukowskis has the honor of presenting a collection of Sámi handicrafts, a centuries-old handicraft tradition with natural materials and quality as a base.

This expressive and telling craft tradition has its origins in the objects of everyday use, which the Sámi wanted to make beautiful in addition to their functionality. The objects that have been created over the past centuries and that are still created today are characterized by traditional forms, local and personal, as well as the styles and features of famous masters and families. The masterful and detailed design of the guksi mugs, giisá chests, puukkos and knives can only be admired.

The collection in this auction consists of both signed and unsigned objects, the oldest from the turn of the century 1800/1900 and the newest from the late 20th century, made by both known and unknown artisans.

Welcome to take part in and bid on unique objects and cultural-historical treasures.
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