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Max Walter Svanberg - A Swedish surrealist

Bukowski´s has been honored to sell a collection of works of art left by the artist Max Walter Svanberg. Here you can find early paintings and drawings from the 1930s to his typical imaginary women's views in various techniques.

Max Walter Svanberg was born in Malmö in 1912. He began his artistic career as an advertising painter in Malmö, to study in 1931 at the Skåne painting school and in 1933 Otte Sköld's painting school. Under the influence of surrealism, Svanberg found a strong personal imagery in exotic color-shading images with an erotic tension, often performed in watercolor, gouache, or tempera. Women and beauty became his signature. Svanberg belonged to the surrealistically focused group of Imaginists, which consisted of five painters, and has also gained international attention.

Max Walter Svanberg, like few other Swedish artists, has consistently explored the surrealistic vein in modern art. French art historian and art critic Jacques Lassaigne noted that Svanberg represented "the richest stage of development of surrealism".
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Max Walter Svanberg,
Max Walter Svanberg,
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