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Scandinavian Modern

With its quality-conscious focus, clean lines, and innovative design language, Scandinavian design has inspired people worldwide and decorated our homes for almost a century.

Born out of early modernism and functionalism, the Nordic art industry flourished at the international world exhibitions in Paris in 1937 and New York in 1939. In the Swedish pavilion, the softer forms of interior design became a hallmark of Swedish design, and the concept of Swedish Modern was born.

In post-war Denmark, a similar style emerged; Danish Modern. The spirit of the times in both Sweden and Denmark was a strong desire to improve and embellish society, which also extended to furniture design and home furnishings. Traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship meets modern design, focusing on form and function without compromising the values of beauty.

In this theme auction, Bukowskis presents a curated selection of furniture and craftsmanship that focuses on the elegant, comfortable and quality-conscious style of the 1940s and early 1950s. Embrace yourself with clean lines and rich materials.
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