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Modern + Contemporary F170


11Aino Aalto, A TROLLEY.Aino Aalto
33A WALL RELIEF.Made by the furniture factory.
51A PENDANT LAMP.Unknown manufacturer and designer.
94Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard Nielsen, AN X-CHAIR.One leg repaired.
146Kaj Franck, A VASE.Kaj Franck
218Annikki Hovisaari, A CERAMIC BOTTLE.Repaired.
521Juha Hälikkä, "JACK".A tergo sign.

Lot additions

490AUlf Rollof, "MIDNIGHT BLUE RGB".

Withdrawn items

210Birger Kaipiainen, A CERAMIC DISH.
244Oiva Toikka, A POMPOM VASE.
246Oiva Toikka, A POMPOM VASE.
455Jorma Hautala, COMPOSITION.
550Antti Linnovaara, "FORMS".

Items with export ban

There are no items with export ban.

Items with import VAT

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