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With a passion for art: Second Edition F234

Bukowskis presents the second edition of the theme auction "A Passion for Art", which contains more than sixty works of art from the same private collection. The seller has kept a low profile in the art world and wishes to remain anonymous. He started collecting contemporary art as a teenager; the first work of art was an etching purchased in 1969 for 95 Sek.

Over the years, he has supported several art galleries and young artists. This collection consists of works acquired at degree exhibitions, galleries and auction houses for more than 50 years.

The collector has focused on artists who dare to work conceptually. It has not been the decorative or economic value of art that has attracted him but a genuine curiosity about what art can express and how it can affect people’s life.

We hope that the collector's approach and joy for art will accompany these works and that his motto "trust your heart" can inspire both new and experienced buyers.

36 items