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Rolf Walters Collection of Dieter Rahms and Braun F237

Bukowskis presents Rolf Walter's collection of industrial designs from the home electronics company Braun AG and designer Dieter Rams.
Dieter Rams is one of Germany's most influential designers in product design. Following architecture studies at Werkkunstschule Wiesbaden, Rams began working at Braun AG as an interior designer in 1955. After a while, he became an industrial designer, and between 1961 and 1995, he worked as the company's chief designer.
Dieter Rams is perhaps best known for designing the Bauhaus-inspired combined radio turntable Braun SK 4 with a clear plexiglass lid, together with designers Hans Gugelot och Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Ram's sober and functional design has inspired the technology company Apple's product design.
Rolf Walter's collection also includes design classics by other designers who worked for the successful home electronics company Braun during the 20th century.
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