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Cubists & Concretists F242

At the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930, Otto G Carlsund organized an exhibition of Post-Cubist art at Restaurang Puck. Several eminent artists from the Parisian avant-garde, such as Piet Mondrian, Theo van Doesburg, Jean Arp, Franciska Clausen participated. The exhibition was called a "concretist fiasco," and only three artworks were sold.

In recent years, concretism has been re-evaluated, attracting more and more art collectors. As recently as spring 2018, the Modern Museum in Stockholm organized the "Concrete Matters" exhibition. Norrköping's art museum has also recently exhibited concrete art.

The artist Theo van Doesburg (1883 - 1931) formed the artist association "Art Concrete" in 1930, and the term was coined in a manifesto titled "The Basis of concrete art". The concept was popularized by the artists Josef Albers and Max Bill, who organized the first international exhibition of concrete art at the Kunsthalle in Basel in 1944.

Concrete art means abstract, non-figurative, and geometric art. Concrete art is free from various representations with symbolic elements and consists of geometric shapes that captivate the viewer.

Several Swedish artists began to create concrete art early on and received international attention, not least Otto G Carlsund. Other pioneering concretists were Gösta Adrian Nilsson, Erik Olson, Ingegerd Torhamn, Knut Lundström, Olle Baertling, Lars Erik Falk, Gert Marcus, Bengt Orup, Einar Lynge-Ahlberg, Gerd Nordenskjöld, Peter Freudenthal, Lennart Rodhe, Laris Strunke and Gert Marcus whose works can be seen in this auction.

Viewing August 23 – 26, from 11 am – 5 pm, at Bukowskis, Berzelii Park 1 in Stockholm. Auction online.
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