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Uno Vallman F293

Uno Herbert Vallman (1913-2004) was born in Hälsingland and died in Stockholm. He is primarily known as a visual artist and trained at Otte Sköld's painting school and later at the Royal College of Art. Vallman's first breakthrough came in 1945 with an exhibition at Färg och Form in Stockholm. This was followed by trips abroad, including to Paris, where he got to know both Marc Chagall and Joan Miró, who inspired him. Asger Jorn, Isaac Grünewald and Sven X: et Erixson were also major sources of inspiration.

Vallman's painting style has been called "Vallmanism" and is naive, colourful and non-figurative with elements of symbolism. He was one of the "men of 1947" in Sweden, including Pierre Olofsson, Lage Lindell and Lennart Rodhe, who together developed Concretism in Sweden.

Welcome to a colourful collection of 12 works by Uno Vallman, all acquired directly from the artist.