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Milić od Mačve F326

Milić Stanković (1934 – 2000), known by his artistic name Milić of Mačva, was a Serbian artist. Milić was an interesting personality in Serbian art and was often referred to as Serbia's Salvador Dali for his figurative surrealist paintings filled with fantasy and dreams with imaginary scenes.

Milić was introduced to painting in the second year of high school when a professor named Đorđe Kostić founded an art association in the basement of the school. Kostić noticed Milić's artistic sense and helped him to several exhibitions in the city.

Because of poverty, his parents decided that his education should continue at the Military Academy in Belgrade. Milić was accepted but finally convinced his parents that architecture would be better for him and more promising for the future. At the School of Architecture, he was taught by the artist Pivo Karamatijević. The following year, Milić passed the entrance exam to the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Milić graduated in 1959 and, the same year had his first solo exhibition, where a famous collector from Geneva, Herbert Beck, bought seven paintings for 770,000 Serbian dinars, a significant amount at the time.

Bukowskis presents here a collection of 10 works by Milić of Mačva that have never before been out for sale. The collection has been passed down in the same family since purchased directly from the artist.