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Helsinki Winter Sale F397

Bukowskis presents this season’s Helsinki Winter Sale, featuring a curated selection of sought-after works by Finnish and international artists, along with exquisite jewellery and Works of Art. The highlight of the auction is Helene Schjerfbeck's "Girl on the Sand," a striking later interpretation of two earlier works from the early 1910s. Modern and stripped down, this rendition carries a quieter, more peaceful aura.

Auction Online November 17–29
Viewing Mastokatu 4–6, Helsinki. Monday – Tuesday 13–17, Wednesday 13–18, Thursday – Friday 13–17

Please note To submit a bid exceeding 300 000 EUR (3 million SEK), we may require a special approval based on bank reference. Please send an email to in order to be approved for bidding on this level.

Read more about "Girl on the sand" by Helene Schjerfbeck >

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