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Classic Art Online F466

Classic Art Online is a themed auction, presenting a curated selection of high-quality classic art. Plein-air painting makes up a dominant portion, with graphic works, but also prints are included. The 19th century and the turn of the 20th century were periods marked by industrialization, modernity, and scientific advancements, which provided new opportunities for artists. The pre-mixed paint in tubes was an innovation, enabling artists to venture beyond their studios and art schools with greater freedom.

During the 1860s, artists in Paris began taking their easels and brushes outdoors to paint what they observed, a practice known as 'en plein air.' This French tradition of plein-air painting rapidly spread throughout Europe and the United States during the following decades, fundamentally reshaping Western art. The auction presents Swedish landscape paintings by Nils Kreuger, Carl Wilhelmson, and Anton Genberg, but also figurative scenes by artists such as Elsa Beskow and Wilhelm von Gegerfelt. Among the international art, Ralph Hedley and Peder Mork Mönsted are presented.

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