American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) 1974.

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Sven Nykvist was the first European who became a member of the ASC without being a U.S. citizen. He writes in his book about this occasion : "To get into the ASC you had to go through a legal hearing. It was almost like a court with a chairman who led the hearing and a host of club members as assessors. It felt like I had been called to the headmaster and teachers' college, and stuff like that I've never liked. They began by asking me how many films I've done.
- Eighty "I said.
In wonder they looked at each other and thought that my English was probably not the best.
- You probably mean eighteen, the judge said. And you have worked with Ingmar Bergman?
- Yes, that's eighteen films.
Now they rather looked down then on each other. Shortly before they themselves had rewarded me for "Cries and Whispers". After a while the President said that "The court adjourn". Well, he didn’t use those exact words but that’s what it felt like. I got out and went to Milton, who nervously was waiting for me.
- Are you already finished? he said. They usually contain at least one hour.
Not this time, I got my membership at less than half an hour " (p. 152).

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