A DIPLOMA, Motion Pictures Hall of Fame Annual Award.

To Sven Nykvist for Best cinematography "The postman always rings twice". Presented July 31, 1981.

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About the film Sven Nykvist writes in his book: "The close-ups in “The Postman Always Rings Twice " is one of the best I have ever done. The famous love scene on the baking table also has its history. Jessica Lange had written into her contract that the scene could only be shot once and she refused to repeat. When we came to the scene, she was also tough that no one but myself and the director were present.
Bob was angry. He definitely wanted to shoot the scene with two cameras, which I could understand and it ended up that I had to give him a quick lesson in how a Panavisionkamera works. In this way we could take the stage with only two settings. For my part, I focused on the faces as they always interest me most, no matter what happens. Bob did the rest with the honor”.

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