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Löwenadler Collection H059


1A Swedish Baroque mirror by Burchardt Precht (active in Stockholm 1674-1738).175 000 SEK
2GRANT LARKIN LTD, a table, USA, 1980's.Unsold
3GRANT LARKIN LTD, a table, USA, 1980's.Unsold
4GRANT LARKIN LTD, a sideboard, USA, 1980's.65 000 SEK
5CONDITIONAL SALE, regarding the lots 2, 3 and 4.
6Mike & Doug Starn (Starn Twins), Untitled.75 000 SEK
7A pair of French Empire two-light candelabra, beginning of the 19th century.44 000 SEK
8Twelve matched Gustavian chairs, late 18th - early 19th century.70 000 SEK
9A Louis XVI-style six-light candelier, Bohemia, late 18th century.65 000 SEK
10A CARPET, tapestry weave, ca 561-564,5 x 354-360 cm, Aubusson, France the middle to the end of the 19th century.3 500 SEK
11A matched part dinner service, Italy/England, 20th Century. (13 pieces).4 500 SEK
12A pair of table figures, late 19th century.2 000 SEK
13A 20th century silver plated tray and dish.500 SEK
14A 20th century sauce-bowl and bowl/dish, silver plated metal.1 200 SEK
15A 20th century German silver tray, Wilkens & Sohne.Unsold
16A set of four English silver salt-cellars and sauce-bowl and a dish plated metal.1 400 SEK
17A Dutch late 19th century silver jar and napkin-holder. An ash-tray, Birmingham 1902.1 000 SEK
18A pair of 19th century parcel-gilt silver salt-cellars, unidentified marks.1 700 SEK
19A German 20th century parcel-gilt silver tea-pot, marked Wilkens 875.7 000 SEK
20A 20th century Austrian-Hungarian silver plate.800 SEK
21A pair of 20th century coasters, white metal and an English silver plated salt-cellar and A 20th c glass table-bell.2 000 SEK
22Gunnar Cyrén, Gerda Strömberg, Firma Svenskt Tenn and others, a group of decorative vases, ashtrays etc, 20th c.4 000 SEK
23A famille rose basin, Qing dynasty, 19th Century.3 500 SEK
24A garden urn, circa 1900.17 000 SEK
25A pair of garden urns, circa 1900.44 000 SEK
26Dominique Thevenin, Untitled.Unsold
27An English late 18th century secretaire.13 000 SEK
28An English 20th century mahogany armchair.4 000 SEK
29Endre Komaromi-Kacz, Landscape.5 000 SEK
30Aladar Edvi Illés, Landscape with bridge.4 500 SEK
31Gusztáv Magyar-Mannheimer, Landscape with houses.1 400 SEK
32A RUG, an antique Anatolian, the Ottoman Empire, ca 154,5-158 x 99,5-102,5 cm (as well as 1 cm flat weave at one end).9 800 SEK
33Lajos Deak-Ebner, At the market.12 000 SEK
34Interior with clergyman painting.22 000 SEK
35A Louis XVI-style bergere, 20th century.18 000 SEK
36Herman Lipot, Landscape.6 000 SEK
37A tray table, Japan, Meiji (1868-1912).3 100 SEK
38Kjell Löwenadler, Kitchen scene with children.4 000 SEK
39A BEDSPREAD, A BEDSKIRT AND CURTAINS 2 pcs. Probably Rubelli, second half of the 20th century.6 000 SEK
40CUSHIONS, 3 pcs., probably silk, second half of the 20th century.2 000 SEK
41Unidentified artist. Portrait of a woman.6 500 SEK
42A RUG, a semi-antique East European probably, ca 173-175 x 112-116 cm.2 600 SEK
43A wooden lacquered sculpture of a buddhist monk, Thailand, 20th Century.13 000 SEK
44Cupboard, Japan, Edo (1603-1868), later stand.Unsold
45A CARPET, tapestry weave, ca 258,5-267,5 x 241,5 cm, Aubusson, France the middle to the end of the 19th century.17 000 SEK
46A table by Per Öberg Architects, from the end of the 20th century.11 000 SEK
47A pair of sofas, late 20th century.36 000 SEK
48PEARL EMBROIDERED CUSHIONS, 3 pcs., Scandinavia/Northern Europe, second half of the 19th century - around 1900.3 500 SEK
49A tray table, Japan, Meiji (1868-1912).29 000 SEK
50A table lamp, France, 1840's.6 000 SEK
51A pair of English armchairs, circa 1800.11 000 SEK
52A 20th century champleve enamel and agate dish.1 600 SEK
53A pair of Louis XVI- style one-light cassolettes, circa 1900.5 000 SEK
54A pair of English candlesticks, mid 19th century.70 000 SEK
55A CARPET, tapestry weave, ca 415,5-419 x 392-396 cm, Aubusson, France, the age of Louis Philippe, around 1840.10 000 SEK
56A Régence and style, Ormolu - Mounted Bureau Plat, 18th century and later.460 000 SEK
57A Louis XV mid 18th century armchair.10 000 SEK
58A famille rose jar mounted as a table lamp, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).6 000 SEK
59A malachite green lacquered wooden paper bin, 1960-70's.2 600 SEK
60Michael Zwack, Untitled.40 000 SEK
61Keith Haring, Untitled (Triptych).1 400 000 SEK
62An enamel on copper flower pot, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).9 000 SEK
63A famille rose 'double peacock' serving dish, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).Unsold
64A famille rose pot with cover, Qing dynasty, circa 1900.450 SEK
65CURTAINS, 4 pcs., emerald green silk, ca 304 x 129,5 cm each, Svenskt Tenn, the second half of the 20th century.9 000 SEK
66CURTAINS, 4 pcs., emerald green silk, ca 304,5 x 129,5 cm each, Svenskt Tenn, the second half of the 20th century.8 500 SEK
67CURTAINS, 4 pcs., emerald green silk, ca 304 x 129 cm each, Svenskt Tenn, the second half of the 20th century.8 500 SEK
68A SIDEBOARD, late 20th Century.16 000 SEK
69Alessandro Mendini, a "Cubosfera" table lamp by Fidenza Vetraria, Italy 1960-70's.11 000 SEK
70Fernandez Arman, "Fragment de Visage".19 000 SEK
71A papier maché sculpture of a lion, Capistrano, Mexico, 1960-70's.5 000 SEK
72A 20th table lamp.3 400 SEK
73A pair of Louis XVI-style 20th century candlesticks.4 000 SEK
74Stove utensils, 20th century.4 500 SEK
75Enzo Cucchi, Untiitled.75 000 SEK
76Nicola de Maria, "Bosco ammaestrato + angeli".Unsold
77Nicola de Maria, "Museo Haus Lange Costantinopoli".35 000 SEK
78A 20th century table lamp.11 000 SEK
79PER SUNDSTEDT, two "Bill" floor lights, Zero Interiör, Sweden, circa 2000.26 000 SEK
80Hans Isaksson, Still #26.15 000 SEK
81Hans Isaksson, Untitled.Unsold
82An ostrich egg, 20th century.1 900 SEK
83A SOFA AND A PAIR OF STOOLS, 20th century.5 500 SEK
84Josef Frank, a table, model 961, for Firma Svenskt Tenn, late 20th century.10 500 SEK
85Josef Frank, a brass three light table lamp, Svenskt Tenn, Sweden, model G 2468.7 500 SEK
86Josef Frank, Svenskt Tenn, model G 1819/3, probably, a glass and brass table lamp, Sweden mid 20th century.7 000 SEK
87A table, second half of the 19th century, possibly Baltic.11 000 SEK
88HEADDRESS, Antelope (Adoné), painted wood, height 116 cm, Kurumba peoples, Mali, the second half of the 20th century.Unsold
89Josef Frank, a secretaire, model "1036" for Firma Svenskt Tenn, Stockholm, 1940.150 000 SEK
90Josef Frank, two side tables, model 1073 for Firma Svenskt Tenn, Sweden.9 500 SEK
91The Jan-Eric Löwenadler vast and important library of art litterature.480 000 SEK
92Two stamp albums with playing card collection och "Jokers".1 800 SEK
93A Swedish 20th century bridge table.2 400 SEK
94A MOTHERHOOD SCULPTURE, painted wood, height 35,5 cm, Cameroon, the Mambila or Bamileke peoples.10 000 SEK
95Richard Sapper, a "Tizio" table lamp for Artemide, Italy, post 1972.3 500 SEK
96"Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna".3 000 SEK
97Blomberg, Lysell & Thames, Ericofonen, "The Cobra telephone", LM Ericsson, Sweden post 1953-1954.2 300 SEK
98Josef Frank, two "Drinks" curtains, Svenskt Tenn, Sweden.6 200 SEK
99Gunnar Nylund, a stoneware ewer, Rörstrand, and a vase by unknown designer, mid 20th century.3 500 SEK
100A MASK, painted wood, height 53,5 cm, the Fang tribe, Gabon, the second half of the 20th century.7 000 SEK