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Böttiger Collection H067


16Anna Clarén, "Pojken med fågeln", 2006.This is a pigment print.
50Astrid Sylwan, "Night painting".Droit de suite.
68Martin Bogren, From "Tractor Boys", 2012.The correct dimension of the image is 48 x 69.5 cm.
108Katrine Helmersson, "Ariadne och Labyrinten".The edition number is 2/6.
119Steve McCurry, "Afghan girl", 1984.The correct image size is 54 x 36 cm.
127Peter Johansson, "Självporträtt i rött", 2012.68 x 56 cm including frame.
136Matthias van Arkel, 'Mini-Sarkofag'.The correct title is 'Mini-Sarkofag'
145Rebecka Bebben Andersson, ’Kapell’.The correct title is ’Kapell’.
177Kristofer Dan-Bergman, "Away 5", 2015.Droit de suite.
183Ragnhild Haarstad, "Drottning Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle, april 1983".This is a pigment print.
197Fredrik Wretman, 'Budbäraren (Hermes)'.The correct titel is 'Budbäraren (Hermes)', and the total edition is 10.
202Fredrik Wretman, Untitled.The sculpture is made of pigmented beeswax and not of plastelina as mentioned before.

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