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Bukowskis Christmas Auction, Stockholm S195


No.ItemHammer price
1A Swedish Rococo pewter dish, by Olof Andersson Winberg, Gothenburg. 18th century.6 500 SEK
2A pair of Josef Frank linnen curtains, 'Manhattan', Svenskt Tenn.5 000 SEK
3A Jämtland Case dated 1815.5 800 SEK
4Jenny Nyström, "Midnatt råder...." (The hour of midnight...).13 000 SEK
5Two blue and white moon flasks, late Qing about 1900.7 000 SEK
6Lars Lerin, "Kust" (Coast).5 400 SEK
7A Swedish wall cabinet dated KJD 1817.11 600 SEK
8Two similar Russian 1830's gilt brass and glass candlesticks.Unsold
9Unknowm artist 19th century. A pair of Still life.Unsold
10BRACELET, brilliant cut diamonds tot. app. 4,20 ct.Unsold
11A set of two blue and white bowls, Qing dynasty, one with a six character mark.2 600 SEK
12A Louis XVI 18th century console table.Unsold
13A pair of late Gustavian armchairs.Unsold
14A pair of Flora Danica custard cups with covers and plate, Royal Copenhagen.5 500 SEK
15A set of two 18th century pewter candlesticks, makers mark Hans Wiksten, Västerås 1782-1810/14..7 200 SEK
16Peter Dahl, The Opera bar.9 000 SEK
17A framed collection of butterflies.7 000 SEK
18A large vase, Qing dynasty, 19th century.16 100 SEK
19A Rococo-style miniature cabinet cupboard, probably Danish.6 300 SEK
20Helmer Osslund, "Vid Ångermanälven" (By the Ångerman river).19 000 SEK
21A Roccoco style sterling tureen with cover.19 000 SEK
22A Chinese vase.Unsold
23Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Cycle Michael.Unsold
24A 19th Century glass and bronze cakedish.5 500 SEK
25An Erik Höglund iron and glass chandelier by Boda Glasbruk & Smide, Sweden 1970's.6 500 SEK
26A late 18th century Swedish wall cabinet,2 200 SEK
27Lindorm Liljefors, Autumn scenary with hunter and dog.11 700 SEK
28A hanging-lamp, 19/20 th century.Unsold
29A Norwegian mangle board, dated 1796.Unsold
30A Solvil ladie´s wrist watch 18k gold and brilliant cut dimonds.Unsold
31Gösta Adrian-Nilsson, "Berättelsen om Ghanem och kalifens älskarinna" (The story of Ghanem and the mistress of the calif).7 000 SEK
32A Fornasetti ash tray and cigarett stand.2 600 SEK
33TWO SWEDISH PARCEL-GILT SPOONS, makers mark of Christoffer Bauman, Hudiksvall 1787 and 1793.11 000 SEK
34An Olof Ahlberg pewter art nouveau set of desk acessories, by Schreuder & Olsson, Stockholm 1908-10.1 500 SEK
35Johan Joachim Streng Attributed to, "Karl Gustaf Silfversparre" (1686-1750) and his wife "Hedvig Ulrika Liljencrantz" (1701-1788).19 000 SEK
36Unknown artist 18th century. Women portrait.Unsold
37A pair of 20th cent cut glass and brass table lamps.25 000 SEK
38A blue and white plate, Qing dynasty. Qianlong (1736-1795).1 600 SEK
39Two 18th century armchairs, probably Italian .8 000 SEK
40Claude Joseph Vernet Follower of, Harbour in the south of Europe.9 000 SEK
41A Louis XV-style writing desk, circa 1900.39 000 SEK
42A Rococo mirror, 18th century.10 500 SEK
43A Swedish 19th century wood hourse.2 600 SEK
44A Christian Thomsen porcelaine figure, Royal Copenhagen.2 600 SEK
45Karl Axel Pehrson, "Näckens skärvor" (Water spirit fragments).10 000 SEK
46Russian artist 19th century. Portrait of a russian officer.11 000 SEK
47A Russian silver teaglass stand, makers mark by Sasikov, Moscow 1879.14 000 SEK
48A blue and white serving dish, Qing dynasty, Qianlong 1736-95.2 800 SEK
49A 19th century table, probably Italy.Unsold
50Renato Borsato, Venice.5 000 SEK
51A Swedish pewter mustard bowl with cover, makers mark by F. Santesson, Stockholm 1850s.3 200 SEK
52An Ulla Kraitz ceramic beetle.1 300 SEK
53NECKLACE, handmade. Weight 52,7 g.Unsold
54A set of two silk kimonos, early 20th cent.Unsold
55Six Danish silver plates 1912-15.13 500 SEK
56A 18th cent Rococo armchair.4 000 SEK
57A Russian mid 19th century sugarbowl and creamjug.4 000 SEK
58Carl Kylberg, Untitled.27 000 SEK
59Edward Dodwell, Views from southern Europe.9 000 SEK
60A Swedish/Finnish trolley from the 1930s/40s.3 700 SEK
61Johnny Oppenheimer, "Blommor och frukter" (Flowers and fruits).Unsold
62A Qing dynasty, early 19th century charger.750 SEK
63BROOCH, sapphire and brilliant cut diamonds, tot. app. 0,60 ct.3 000 SEK
64A 19th century Meissen tureen with cover.6 200 SEK
65A French Empire bronze urn, early 19th century.17 500 SEK
66A set of one sang de boef-glazed bowl, a brush pot and two vases, Qing dynasty.2 500 SEK
67A set of twelve wine glasses, 19th century.2 400 SEK
68Bo Lundwall, "Sparvhök" (Sparrowhawk).Unsold
69A set of four Temmoku bowls, Song dynasty.4 000 SEK
70An English silver candlestick, London 1789.5 000 SEK
71Anders Zorn, Mme Simon II.2 200 SEK
72A set of three pottery figures, South America and Thailand.Unsold
73Agostino Aglio Attributed to, Italian landscape with figures.4 500 SEK
74A Louis XVI-style vitrine, 20th century.6 500 SEK
75A late 18th Louis XVI century console table.3 800 SEK
76A 19th cent Judaica goblet.4 000 SEK
77PENDANT, crossshaped with brilliant cut diamonds, tot. 0.06 cts.2 600 SEK
78A 18th century Rococo mirror.8 300 SEK
79An Empire three-light hanging lamp.19 000 SEK
80Olle Ängkvist, Untitled.Unsold
81Ragnar Sandberg, Boys at the dock.32 500 SEK
82Pelle Åberg, Playing clown.17 000 SEK
83A blue and white with red brush washer, late Qing dynasty with Kangxis six character mark.3 500 SEK
84A set of four 19th century champagne glasses.2 800 SEK
85A Josef Frank burrwood and walnut sofa table, model 2139, for Svenskt Tenn.18 500 SEK
86A silver cigarett box, marks by CG Hallberg, Stockholm 1944.1 100 SEK
87A green 18th/19th century bottle.1 500 SEK
88A blue and white serving dish. Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1936-95).2 800 SEK
89A set of three books M,W& F von Wrigth: SVENSK FÅGLAR, Stockholm 1927-29.3 500 SEK
90A pair of Chines watercolour on paper, early 20th Century.4 400 SEK
91A pair of early 19th century glas decanter with stopper and a pair of jugs.1 500 SEK
92A Swedish chest, dated 1808.4 500 SEK
93A Swedish 18th century Rococo armchair.10 000 SEK
94French school 18th century. Pastoral scene.42 000 SEK
95A Chinese handscroll, watercolour on silk and paper, early 20th century.2 800 SEK
96A set of 11 green white wine glasses, mid-19th century.2 000 SEK
97Four early 18th century plates, Qing dynasty.1 200 SEK
98A Swedish creamware basket, Rörstrand circa 1800.6 000 SEK
99A celadon bowl, Sung dynasty (960-1279).1 000 SEK
100A white glazed teapot with lid, China, Qianlong (1736-95).9 500 SEK