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Eclectic, Stockholm S197


No.ItemHammer price
1A pair of 20th Century Chines ivory figures.29 000 SEK
2A 20th century industrial lamp.3 000 SEK
3A pair of French late 18th century fire dogs.25 000 SEK
4Charles Hancock, Dog and deer.Unsold
5A Goldscheider creamware figure by Josef Lorenzl, Vienna circa 1936.5 500 SEK
6A blue and white bowl, Ming Swatow.2 000 SEK
7A set of nephrite buttons and buckle, prob late Qing.6 500 SEK
8Lars Lerin, "Svolvaer".60 000 SEK
9A Stig Lindberg parian figure, Gustavsberg.1 500 SEK
10Yves Klein, "Venus Bleue".350 000 SEK
11A blue and white brush pot, late Qing dynasty.4 500 SEK
12A Kai Lyngfeldt-Larsen, palisander chair with black leather upholstery by Søren Villadsen, Denmark, 1950's-60's.1 500 SEK
13A figure, Qing dynasty 18th century.1 500 SEK
14A French first half 19th century equestrian bronze and Sienna marble veneered statue.8 500 SEK
15A French Empire early 19th century gilt bronze six-light hanging-lamp.7 500 SEK
16Gösta Adrian-Nilsson, Man with horn and lamp.Unsold
17Untitled.5 500 SEK
18A set of 18 French Empire dessert dishes.Unsold
19A chinese black lacquer six-panel screen, early 20th Century, with figures in gardens, inlays of carved mother of pearl, coloured bone, tree, and different stones. Back of panels with flowers painted in gold.Unsold
20Lennart Berglund, "Klondyke".4 000 SEK
21Jürgen Brodwolf, "Fragment. Leinwandfigur auf Blaureihe und Zinnfigur".Unsold
22Jürgen Brodwolf, Untitled.Unsold
23Willy Weber, "Conception".9 000 SEK
24A Simon Gate cut glass bowl on stand, Orrefors 1929.Unsold
25An ink stone probably late Qing dynasty.1 800 SEK
26Five vases and a bowl, southeast Asia and Ming.4 000 SEK
27A French neo-Gothic circa 1830 gilt bronze mantel clock.4 500 SEK
28A pair of French Empire early 19th century bergeres.Unsold
29Niklas Anderberg, "Inte mitt i prick" (not in the bull's eye).4 000 SEK
30A blue and white flower pot, Qing dynasty, 19th Century.1 500 SEK
31An Empire gilt och patinated bronze table lamp.8 000 SEK
32A set of twelve blue and white dinner plates, probably late Qing dynasty.4 500 SEK
33MATTA. Old Ghom figural part silk. 204 x 138,5 cm.4 500 SEK
34CUSHIONS, 4. Probably France, second half of the 20th century. Ca 45 x 56 cm each.3 000 SEK
35SHAWL. Patrick Frey, Paris, second half of the 20th century. 141 x 139,5 cm.1 100 SEK
36MATTA. Old Nain. 202,5 x 119 cm.4 200 SEK
37MATTA. Old Keshan. 341,5 x 255 cm.13 000 SEK
38An Empire-style 19th century ten-light chandelier.42 000 SEK
39A pair of large french vases on stands, Jacob Petit, mid 19th Century.13 500 SEK
40A set of three pottery figures, South America and Thailand.Unsold
41A 19th century regencystyle sideboard.Unsold
42A French Empire early 19th century gilt bronze mantel clock.12 000 SEK
43Arman (Armand Pierre Fernandez), "Slice of Liberty".38 000 SEK
44A pair of Swedich candlesticks, Makers mark of CG Råström, Stockholm 1946.4 000 SEK
45A stone head of Buddha. Thailand.8 500 SEK
46Axel Fridell, "Sittande naken flicka".2 500 SEK
48Johan Axel Wetterlund, "Tiger".6 500 SEK
49A bronze vase, censer and libation cup, Qing dynasty.2 400 SEK
50Bert Stern, Marilyn Monroe in Vogue, 1962.17 000 SEK
51Axel Törneman, "Norrström".Unsold
52A gilt bronze Buddha, late Qing dynasty.9 500 SEK
53An early 20th C cast iron 'Singer' stool with a turnable wooden seat.3 000 SEK
54Jorma Puranen, "Travels on canvas, #1", 2004.Unsold
55A pair of Grisaille dishes, Presumably Samson, 19th Century.Unsold
56A famille rose teapot with cover, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).4 200 SEK
57A Kai Nielsen porcelaine figure by Bing & Gröndahl, Denmark, signed.200 SEK
58A blue and white tureen with cover, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).4 700 SEK
59A 19th Century Meissen figure.4 000 SEK
60A famille rose serving dish, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).3 400 SEK
62A blue and white jar, Qing dynasty, early 18th Century.2 700 SEK
63A blue and white vase, Qing dynasty, 19th Century.Unsold
64Denise Grünstein, "Malplace, no 3", 2005.Unsold
65Oscar Reutersvärd, Egyptian erotic motif.3 600 SEK
66Oscar Reutersvärd, Egyptian erotic motif.Unsold
67A bronze vase, presumably Qing dynasty (1644-1911).5 800 SEK
68Oscar Reutersvärd, Egyptian erotic motif.Unsold
69A late 19th Century headhunter svord whith knife.2 200 SEK
70A Busby for Grenadiers.300 SEK
71ROCK. siden. Längd 133 cm. Kina omkring 1900.11 000 SEK
72JACKA, siden. Längd 107 cm. Kina omkring 1900.9 000 SEK
73A late 19th Century majolica vase.2 000 SEK
74Salvador Dalí, "Adam and Eve" from "New Mythological Suite".Unsold
75Albin Josef Åkerblom, Sitting young man.7 500 SEK
76A set of five blue and white 19th Century Japanese bowls.Unsold
77Erotic motif.Unsold
78A pair of Swedish brass jars. Makers mark Edvard Johansson, Norrköping.2 000 SEK
80Two bone Japanese netsukes and wooden egg, 19th century.2 400 SEK
81Two Japanese bone inros, 20th century.1 300 SEK
82Twelve Chinese bone panels, 20th century.1 300 SEK
83A copper box, Souteast Asia.Unsold
84A late 20th Century silver figure.3 800 SEK
85A set of 24 cups for turkish coffee, Imperial porcelain manufactory, period of Emperor Alexander II and Nicholas II.Unsold
86A set of six famille rose plates. Qing dynasty. Qianlong (1736-95).5 000 SEK
87A 17th century Japanese vase.2 200 SEK
89An 19th Century empire style bronze clock.8 000 SEK
90An imari charger, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).4 000 SEK
91An Imari charger, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).3 000 SEK
92A glass and silver jug, Austria 1901-1921.2 200 SEK
93A late 19th Century celing lamp.2 700 SEK
94A French 1830/40's gilt bronze mantel clock.12 000 SEK
95A French 1830/40's gilt and silvered bronze and brass mantel clock.13 500 SEK
96A set of 12 rococostyle chairs, 20 th century.24 000 SEK
97A Swedish late gustavian bureau. 18th century.16 800 SEK
98A Swedish rococobureau, 18th century.27 000 SEK
99A Russian beaker, 1798.5 000 SEK
100MATTA. Antik Turkmensk Ensi. 149,5 x 121.Unsold
101MATTA. SEMIANTIK KINA. 203 x 122 cm.2 200 SEK
102Gladys Nilsson, Untitled.Unsold
104Monika Larsen Dennis, " From the painting series, Outing", 2000.2 000 SEK