Fashion & Diamonds S203


No.ItemHammer price
803PUCCI, patterned cotton beachdress. 1970´s, size 14.1 000 SEK
804HERMÈS, two silk braclets with palladiumcovered locks.1 800 SEK
805HERMÈS, a silk scarf, "Brazil".1 800 SEK
806HERMÈS, a silk hairband.800 SEK
807HERMÈS, a silk scarf, "Jungle love".3 000 SEK
808CHRISTIAN DIOR most likely, a decorative stone necklace and clip earings from the 1960s.4 500 SEK
809MISSONI, a light green shawl.1 000 SEK
810LOUIS VUITTON, a peppermint vernis handbag, "Houston".2 600 SEK
811MISSONI, a one shoulder top. Italian size 40.800 SEK
812HERMÈS, a silk jacquard scarf, "Christoffer Columbus decouvre l'Amerique".1 000 SEK
813CHRISTIAN DIOR, a green silk shawl/cape.1 200 SEK
814LOUIS VUITTON, a green epi handbag, "Riviera".4 500 SEK
815HERMÈS, a silk scarf, "Brides de Gala".2 600 SEK
816LISA NORIN, a green linnenblend dress. French size 38.600 SEK
817CHRISTIAN DIOR, a silk scarf.1 200 SEK
818LOUIS VUITTON, a green epi leather shoulderbag, "Petite Noé".3 000 SEK
819Céline, CELINE, a blue, white and green skirt. French size 40.Unsold
820CHANEL, a silvertinted bracelet with decorative pearls and CC-monogram.4 000 SEK
821RALPH LAUREN, an alligator belt.Unsold
822MIU MIU, a green leather shoulder bag.Unsold
823HERMÈS, a silk jacquard scarf, "Napoleon".3 500 SEK
824YVES SAINT LAURENT, a pair of ladies pumps. Size 37 1/2.1 000 SEK
825ARMANI, a beige and black evening jacket. Italian size 44.-.2 000 SEK
826RALPH LAUREN, a green crocodile handbag, "Ricky bag".22 000 SEK
827YVES SAINT LAURENT, a patterned silk blouse, size 38.2 000 SEK
828RALPH LAURENT, a two-piece suit concisting of jacket and pants, US size 14.Unsold
829YVE SAINT LAURENT, a green wool and cashmere coat.5 000 SEK
830HERMÈS, a silk, scarf, "Au Coeur de la Vie".2 400 SEK
831MAX MARA, a green silk shawl.Unsold
832HERMÈS, a pair of green leather clip earings from the 1990s.800 SEK
833MÄRTHASKOLAN, a green silk scarf.800 SEK
834CHRISTIAN DIOR, a gold colored metall braclet with decorative glass stones.1 000 SEK
835EMILIO PUCCI, a printed silk and leather handbag.2 800 SEK
836HERMÈS, a silk scarf, "La Mecanique des Idees".1 400 SEK
837HERMÈS, a yellow leather agenda cover, "Globe Trotter".800 SEK
838HERMÉS, a silk scarf, "Des Fleures Pour le Dire".2 000 SEK
839LOUIS VUITTON, a yellow vernis shoulder bag.1 000 SEK
840ESCADA, a golden bracelet.800 SEK
841CÈLINE, a silk scarf.1 000 SEK
842PRADA, a beige canvas clutch bag.1 400 SEK
843HERMÉS, a silk shawl, "Sulfures".1 400 SEK
844DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, patterned halterneck dress with top (size L), US size 10.1 000 SEK
845HERMÈS, an étoupe leather travelbag "Steven overnight bag".20 000 SEK
846HERMÈS, a silk scarf, "Dies et Hore".1 000 SEK
847ESCADA, a yellow leatherjacket, size 40.Unsold
848HERMÈS, a silk scarf, "Junques et Sampans".2 100 SEK