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Geijersgatan 3A

We talked to Lovisa Törnsten, who is Head of Consignments at Bukowskis in Gothenburg.

How do I go about submitting an item?
“It’s easy to submit an item and get a valuation from us in Gothenburg! We are open six days a week, with skilled specialists on hand every day.”

What does it cost to value and submit items?
“Valuation and submission is always free.”

If I live a long way from my local office, how can I get my items valued?
“Bukowskis Gothenburg makes home visits throughout western Sweden. Feel free to e-mail us pictures of the item you would like valued or give our home valuation team a call for advice.”

What is the most interesting item you have ever received?
“Interesting items that I and my colleagues have received in Gothenburg include an oriental wine cooler from the Qing Dynasty, a painting signed by Anders Zorn and the work ‘Flickan och änglasoffan’ by Bror Hjorth.”

Tell us about your favourite home visit!
“All home visits are unique, as a whole life is often encompassed in a home.”

We look forward to seeing you!
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Contact our experts for advice and valuations:

Lovisa Törnsten
Lovisa Törnsten
Specialist Art, Site Manager Gothenburg
+46 (0)708 21 46 58