Addresses & opening hours


Mastokatu 4-6
Wanha Satama, 00160 Helsinki,
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Opening hours:
Mon – Tue 1pm – 5pm
Wednesday 1pm – 6pm
Thu – Fri 1pm – 5pm

Opening hours between 29.06 - 31.07:
Monday - Tuesday 1pm - 4pm
Wednesday 1pm - 5pm
Thursday - Friday 1pm - 4pm

If you wish to visit our premises outside our opening hours, please contact our customer service.

Customer service
Phone number: +358-9-6689 110 (Monday - Friday 9AM- 1PM)

At Bukowskis it is easy to sell furniture, ceramics, art, silver, carpets, jewelry and works of art to hundreds of thousands of interested visitors each week.
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