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How do I go about submitting an item?
If you wish to submit an item for sale, you can visit us at Mastokatu 4-6 and meet with our skilled specialists, who will value the item there and then and answer any questions you might have. You can, of course, always contact us in advance to arrange a preliminary valuation of the items online by visiting

What does it cost to value and submit items?
We always offer free valuation and submission! If you decide to sell through us, there is sales commission of 16.50% on the hammer price and a photo fee of EUR 17.

How do I view an online item?
All items in our online auction are available to view at our offices. For each item, the address where the item is being held can be found under “Location”. Our staff will be happy to help you locate the items at our offices!

If I live a long way from my local office, how can I get my items valued?
You can submit a request quickly and easily using our online valuation service! The best way to go about this is to take pictures of the items (mobile photos are fine) and add a description – size, history, signature or other information you can provide about the item. If you have a number of items to be valued, we can easily arrange a home visit! We will carry out a valuation there and then and transport the items to our offices.

What is the most interesting item you have ever received?
Any item with a special history is a firm favourite, as are items of personal significance to the owner, or which have travelled a long way to get here. Seeing these items find the right buyer is magical; it’s like an ongoing love story!

Tell us about your favourite home visit!
Sometimes you come across entire homes that have been preserved, right down to the original decoration. For example, a home that was furnished at the end of the 1800s, complete with contemporary cabinets and canvases purchased direct from the artists. It’s like climbing into a time machine when you find such a well-preserved property.

Getting to Bukowskis in Helsinki is easy!

•Tram number 4 stops 200 metres from the entrance. Get off at the Kauppiaankatu stop.
•Tram number 5 stops just a few metres from the entrance. Get off at the Mastokatu stop.
•It takes around 15 minutes on foot from the central station.

We look forward to seeing you!
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Contact our experts for advice and valuations:

  • Anna Rosenius
    Anna Rosenius
    Specialist, Design
    +358 (0)40 1284 977
  • Laura Pohjola
    Laura Pohjola
    Specialist modern and contemporary art, Finnish art, photography
    +358 (0)50 428 2146
  • Joachim Borgström
    Joachim Borgström
    Specialist Classic Finnish Art, Furniture, Works of Art and silver
    +358 (0)50 476 0421
  • Nan Jarjis
    Nan Jarjis
  • Anja Lehtovuori
    Anja Lehtovuori