A 250-pcs set of silver cutlery, 'Chippendale' for Kultakeskus, Hämeenlinna 1980s.

Dimension of the casket 56x41 cm. Height 40 cm.
12 napkin rings, diameter 4 cm.
12 dessert spoons, length 17 cm.
12 forks, length 15 cm.
12 knives, length 17 cm.
12 forks, length 19 cm.
12 knives, length 23 cm.
12 fish forks, length 16,5 cm.
12 fish knives, length 20 cm.
12 knives, length 20,5 cm.
12 knives, length 19,5 cm.
12 forks, length 16,5 cm
6 spoons, length 12 cm.
12 spoons, length 18,5 cm.
12 spoons, length 12 cm.
12 spoons, length 17 cm.
12 forks, length 18 cm.
1 butter knife, length 17 cm.
5 serving forks, length 12 cm.
3 servers, length 10-16 cm.
12 spoons, length 12 cm.
12 spoons, length 14,5 cm.
1 cheese knife, length 20 cm.
12 cake forks, length 15 cm.
1 serving spoons, length 16,5 cm.
1 cake ladle, length 18,5 cm.
1 sauce ladle, length 16 cm.

6 serving spoons, length 13,5 cm.
1 soup ladle, length 26 cm.
1 serving spoon, length 20 cm.
1 knife, length 31,5 cm.
1 serving spoon, length 26 cm.
1 cheese slicer, length 21,5 cm.
1 roast fork, length 26 cm.
1 pair of cake servers, length 21-24 cm.
2 pairs of cake servers with silver blades.

Condition report

Normal wear. Tarniched. Single marked with different manufacturer.

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