From Malmö city to Östra Hamnen – within walking distance!

Bukowskis’ local office in Malmö is located on Carlsgatan in Östra Hamnen. Behind an attractive ivy-clad brick façade are stored items submitted by our customers from Skåne and the surrounding area. It’s easy to go round and view items up close, or to get help from our expert specialists on site – whether you are visiting to view an online auction or for assistance with valuation and submission. We talked to Maria Granfeldt, who is the local manager at Bukowskis in Malmö.

How do I go about submitting an item?
“How great that you got in touch with us! You can always visit us at Carlsgatan 54 in Malmö to submit your item. We are open on weekdays. There is always someone on hand to accept your item.”

What does it cost to value and submit items?
“Valuation is free and you are not committed to selling once we have valued your item. However, if you choose to sell through us, we will deduct commission of 16.25% from the hammer price and a photo fee of SEK 170.”

How do I view an online item?
“All items available for sale can be viewed up close at our premises. We are happy to help if you have any questions or cannot locate the item.”

If I live a long way from my local office, how can I get my items valued?
“The best option is to e-mail some pictures of the item. Pictures taken on a mobile phone camera are fine. And ideally also write a brief description of the item: its size, if it has any signature or markings, what you know about its history.”

What is the most interesting item you have ever received?
“Once a customer came to our valuation desk with a wristwatch that she had found in a box in the attic. It subsequently sold at our Important Timepieces auction for SEK 1.8 million.”

Tell us about your favourite home visit!
“My colleague was undertaking a home visit once when she came across a fine painting by GAN, Gösta Adrian Nilsson, behind a door. The family thought it was hideously ugly and had hidden it there. They didn’t know that it was so valuable, and it was subsequently sold by us for almost half a million.”

Getting to Bukowskis in Malmö is easy!

•Bus 32 runs from Malmö C, Central Station. Daily departures; the journey takes 4 minutes. The bus stops 50 metres from the entrance.
•Visitors coming by car should follow signs for Östra Hamnen. Parking is available outside our entrance.
•It takes about quarter of an hour on foot from the central station via Carlsgatan.

We look forward to seeing you!
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Contact our experts for advice and valuations:

  • Maria Granfeldt
    Maria Granfeldt
    Manager Valuation Desk, Malmö
    +46 (0)707 77 08 07
  • Joakim Fingal
    Joakim Fingal
    +46 (0)709 17 99 94
  • Patrik Ljungcrantz
    Patrik Ljungcrantz
    +46 (0)767 81 06 13
  • Johan Lundberg
    Johan Lundberg
    Appraiser (On parental leave)
    +46 (0)708 17 21 08
  • Jan Ahlklo
    Jan Ahlklo
    +46 (0)767 66 16 46
  • Unni Trolle
    Unni Trolle
    Gemmologist, appraiser
    +46-76-209 59 81