Nordic Design Jewellery

Theme auction Nordic Design Jewellery; newly discovered silver jewellery from the 1960s

Bukowskis has received a unique and comprehensive collection of silver jewellery, designed by some of Scandinavians most famous silversmiths active in the 1960s and onwards. The collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and a handful of brooches, which, through their modern design, are perceived as relevant now as they were back then.

Cecilia Johansson's organic and soft-spirited spirals next to Karl-Ingmar's graphic and linearly designed jewellery showcase the range of creative span of that time. The design of the brothers Anders and Sven-Eriks is characterized by a more bold design in the form of heavy chains and sliced broken surfaces, which in the course of time have received great attention and respect for its craftsmanship and detail. Anders and Sven-Erik Högberg, Karl-Ingmar and Cecilia Johansson were all part of the group of artists whose expressions originated from "Göteborgsskolan". A school whose jewellery design was considered a simpler alternative to what came out of the sophisticated "Stockholmsskolan”.

Prominent designer such as Georg Jensen, Waldemar Jonsson, Bendt Knudsen, Lennart Haglund Stigbert, Grete Prytz Kittelsen are all represented with significant jewellery showcasing their personal expressions. The auction also includes simpler jewellery from the renowned designer Wiwen Nilsson, whose pendant in silver and rock crystal, was recently sold at Bukowskis for just over 50,000 SEK.

Now it is possible to find jewellery from this dynamic collection at Bukowskis theme auction - Nordic Design Jewellery.
The auction will take place online and ends on May 21st.

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Sara Berglund
Sara Berglund
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