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The Specialists choice: Contemporary Art

Hi Louise Wrede, specialist in Contemporary Art at Bukowskis! Which are your four favorite works from Contemporary Art & Design auction?

Håkan Rehnberg: ”Untitled”. Rehnberg is an interesting artist, who’s process is almost front to back. He starts with piling on paint with a palette knife on a sand blasted acrylic glass sheet. He covers the sheet with more and more paint and then scrapes it off, until he has reached perfection according to himself.

Ulf Rollof: ”Rött Troll”. Rollofs raw linen canvas is mounted on a light box. When the lightbox is switched off, you just see the canvas. As you switch it on, the amazing painting is revealed and Rollofs skill in handling different techniques becomes evident.

Rémy Zaugg: ”Schau, Ich Bin Blind, Schau” (1997/1998). Zaugg is an interesting conceptual artist and minimalist. His art is text-based and he uses the meaning of the word and explores perception through his paintings. The work that is sold at Bukowskis is made with lacquer on aluminum and in English the titel means ”Look, I’m blind, look”. Zaugg also had a longstanding collaboration with architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Cecilia Edefalk: ”Självporträtt med pistol” is an iconic and sharp self-portrait by Cecilia Edefalk, where she holds a trigger in each hand. One for the gun and one for the timer on the camera.

If a person wants to start building an art collection, what should they think about?
Always buy with your heart. You should buy the things you like, that way you can never make a bad deal. If you should in the future sell you artwork for a lot more than you bought it for, then that’s a bonus. I also think you should think about expanding you collection, both Swedish and International, and consider both paintings, sculptures and photography. Use Bukowskis services as well, we are available for independent consulting, and have wide experience from many artistic fields.

How come you decided to specialize in contemporary art?
Contemporary art is so very interesting, because it’s art made by artist of today. In my work I often meet the artists and can through them aqcuiant myself with their work. The contemporary art reflects our day and age, whether intended or not, and the time we are living in right now is very interesting. Contemporary art, as we consider it, starts in the 1960’s when it was very political and has since then continued to provoke but in different areas. However it can be hard to see todays inclinations. The art market it also interesting, it can change very quickly for different artist, and a young artist can all of a sudden have a comet career. I just love working with contemporary art!

VIEWING: 19 – 24 October at Berzelii Park 1 in Stockholm. Open: mon–fri 11–18h, sat–sun 11–17h.
SALE: 25 October Starts 17h at Bukowskis Arsenalsgatan 2 in Stockholm.

78. Håkan Rehnberg, Untitled.
Hammer price 
25 000 SEK
40 000 - 50 000 SEK
83. Ulf Rollof, "Rött Troll".
Hammer price 
100 000 - 120 000 SEK
110. Rémy Zaugg, "SCHAU, ICH BIN BLIND, SCHAU".
Hammer price 
260 000 SEK
280 000 - 300 000 SEK
126. Cecilia Edefalk, "Självporträtt med Pistol", 1993.
Hammer price 
100 000 SEK
60 000 - 80 000 SEK


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Louise Wrede
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