”SCULPTURE” – Eric Grate and Eva Lange

Exhibition at Bukowskis January 23rd – 31st

Address: Berzelii Park 1 in Stockholm
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 11-17, Saturday – Sunday 11-16.
Open viewing will be held at Saturday, January 27th, 12.30. Art specialist Cecilia Berggren will present the exhibition.

At first glance they would appear to be each other’s opposites, one emerging from the cradle of surrealist modernism in Paris and the other trained about 40 years later in the 1960s. Each has their own sculptural form of expression, one mainly in bronze, the other in plaster.

However, the two sculptors have more in common than one might think. Both Eric Grate and Eva Lange derive much of their inspiration from nature and from prehistoric Cycladic art, as well as folklorist African sculpture. Drawing on this cultural heritage, both have shaped their own, utterly personal creative language, in which they pare down and reduce the representative elements until only the most essential remains.

Eric Grate's son, Pontus Grate, gives an elaboration about the sculptures in the exhibition, read more here >
Artist Curt Asker in conversation about Eva Lange's oeuvre, read more here >

A special thanks to Eva Lange, Pontus and Elisabeth Grate, Mathias Grate and Christoffer Grate.

For more information regarding sculptures by Eric Grate, please contact our specialist at Modern Art, Lena Rydén.
For more information regarding sculptures by Eva Lange, please contact Malin Sveholm.

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