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The experts choice – Important Timepieces

Hi Carl Palmegren, watch expert at Bukowskis!

The catalogue for this spring’s internationally renowned hammer auction with exclusive watches is here: Important Timepieces. The selection is carefully curated and hand picked by Bukowskis watch experts to present an unique selection of timeless watches, collector’s items, dress watches and watches with exciting provenances. We have spoken to Bukowskis watch expert Carl Palmegren about the items in this spring’s hammer auction that take place April 19th:

Which are your four personal favorites among the watches at Important Timepieces?

14. LEMANIA, kronograf, "Viggen".
A personal favorite among the watches is a Lemania Chronograph produced for the Swedish Air Force in the beginning of the 1970s. The watches were a part of the pilots uniform in Saab 37 Viggen and they have never been sold to civilians before, therefore the name ”Viggen”. The auction number 20 belongs to the first delivered models with hand graved serial number between the band horn and the ”Three Crowns” engraved on the back of the watch. Apparently there are fewer than 100 pieces left of these watches and they rarely figure at auctions and the watches are highly requested by collectors all over the world.

72. ROLEX, Submariner "Red Mark V.”
Rolex Submariner is one of the world’s most well-known and legendary watches. It was presented for the very first time in 1954 and 13 years later the Submariner was launched with a date function. During the first period of time when Rolex Submariner was sold with dates, the ”Submariner” on the clock dial was written in red, which is unique for these early 1680-Submariner’s and it makes it very coveted and unusual. This auction’s red Submariner is especially sought-after since almost all belongings are included from the purchase in 1974 – everything from certificate, box and original receipt, to hang tag, proof of guarantee and the Rolex anchor.

20. OMEGA, Speedmaster, kronograf.
Omega Speedmaster is most of all known as the watch that stand through NASA’s tests along with it was carried by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when they landed on the moon in 1969. What makes auction number 14 to a personal favorite is that the watch has the same reference number as the one carried by Neil Armstrong in 1969: 105.012-65. Neil’s watch is nowadays shown in the National Air and Space Museum, carried the serial number 24’002'981 and this auction’s Speedmaster has the number 24’001’218. Except from that, this watch is in exceptional well original condition.

5. HEUER, Autavia, kronograf, "Viceroy".
The year of 1971 had been a year of decreasing sales for Heuer. In the same manor, the cigarette brand Viceroy had also some difficult years in their back. To turn this around, the two companies tried increased their sales by having Heuer producing a serie of Autavia chronographs in a collaboration with Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company (Viceroy). The customers could send in a proof of that they had bought a package of cigarette to Viceroy and then they had the possibility of buying an Autavia chronograph for 88 dollars. The campaign lasted between May and December in 1972 and this auction’s Autavia is one of the the campaign watches in and it comes in an excellent condition!

If you want to start purchasing watches at auction, what should I have in mind?
It pays off to look for the best quality instead of the lowest price. I recommend to buy a watch in a very good condition in the lower price class, rather then a lower quality in the higher price class. Before a purchase take your time to read up on the model and if you have any doubts or questions, me and my colleagues at Bukowskis are happy to assist you. Go to the viewing before the auction begins so you can see and try out the watch – have in mind that many of the watches in the auctions have been lying somewhere hidden in a drawer, sometimes as longs as several decades, and therefore the watch might need service or inspection before you can use it.

Why have you chosen to profile yourself within watches?
My interest in watches started at an early age thanks to my dad who was interested in watches and traded vintage watches during the 1980s and 90s. Word such as Paul Newman, Redsub, Gilt and so on, figured a lot during the time I grew up. I started to buy and sell watches in my twenties and since then my interest just started to grow more and more.

Viewing 14 – 18 April at Bukowskis, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm. Mon–Fri 11AM–6PM, Sat–Sun kl 11AM–5PM. Sale 19 April start 3 PM.

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