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The expert's choice – Design

Hi Jonatan Jahn, expert design at Bukowskis!

The catalogue for this fall's dynamic and eccentric hammer auction with contemporary art is here: Contemporary Art & Design. The selection is carefully curated and hand picked by Bukowskis' art specialists to present an unique selection of contemporary art, prints, photography, sculpture and design. We have spoken to Bukowskis' design specialist, Jonatan Jahn, about the upcoming hammer auction that takes place October 23rd.

Which are your favorite objects in the Contemporary Art & Design auction?

34. Ron Arad ”2 R Not” chair, 19912
Ron Arad ”2 R Not” is one in the line of Arad’s design-historical milestones. Few other designers have been so influential for such a long time. He has laid the foundation for seeing design like art and items of furniture like sculptures. His studio object is today represented at several of the world’s leading museums. ”2 R Not” is no. 6 in an edition of 20.

45. Nick Ross "Last of the Free Chair (Artifact #12)”
Ross’s symbolic and sculptural items are a strong representative of our time! The Last of the Free series has been a favorite for several decorators and is depicted and published in various contexts. Artifact #12 is unique and inspired by Roman and Scottish remains. The item is a contemporary commentary on nationalist currents and questions why cultures are seen as static. An object where crafts, storytelling, and design meet in a complete form.

44. Lars Stensö "High Fidelity" Woodstockholm
Stensö’s design idiom has been tremendous in Woodstockholm’s highly appreciated design and food concept. Stensö creates personal and unique objects with unexpected choices of materials and visible construction details. The chair is in a unique edition and was shown this year at the Market Art Fair in Stockholm.

41. Lotta Lampa, "Tjabo Thunder light", Floor lamp
Lotta Lampa captures postmodernism and contemporary art in its personal expression. Her luminaires are represented in the Vitra Design Museum collections and have been featured in a number of international arenas. The auction’s examples are unique and represent her bold and humorous design idiom as well as her small-scale production in Kalix.

51. Jonny Johansson, an upholstered easy chair, "Studie No 1", Acne Studios, O.H. Sjögren, Tranås, 2010
In a postmodern spirit, Jonny Johansson has removed a classic furniture icon’s original function and transformed it into a contemporary sculpture. The origin is Carl Malmsten’s sofa, designed for the embassy in Berlin in 1920. Jonny Johansson’s furniture are definitely contemporary classics! View object no. 50-52 in the catalog.

47, 48. Hanna Hansdotter
Hansdotter’s inspiring sculptures leads the glass art forward! With traditional methods, she brings life into a contemporary arts and crafts context where she is one of the brightest stars. She erases the boundary between art and design and with these pieces, Hansdotter has created the greatest objects in the highly appreciated and attentive series of Fading Prints.

Which designers are trending at the moment?
This autumn’s Contemporary auction enlightens how the postmodern generation of designers has paved the way for the innovative designers and artists who create the design scene of our time. Bukowskis are honored to show Ron Arad, Gaetano Pesche and Jonas Bohlin side by side with designers like Jonny Johansson, Nick Ross, Lotta Lampa and, Hanna Hansdotter. These internationally known postmodern designers are currently highly requested in the art market and since the opportunity to discover established contemporary designers is given in few other contexts, Bukowskis Contemporary auction is very appreciated.

Contemporary Art & Design
Viewing: October 18th –22nd. Berzelli Park 1 in Stockholm. Open: Mon–Fri 11AM–6PM, Sat–Sun 11AM–5PM.
Sale: October 23rd, start 4PM. Arsenalsgatan 2 in Stockholm. Read more about the sale >


Jonatan  Jahn
Jonatan Jahn
Head Specialist Contemporary and Modern Design
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