A meshwork sculpture by Barbro Bäckström at online auction

”I love life, but I hate the reality”

”I love life, but I hate the reality”. Barbro Bäckström supposedly had a note with those words in her studio, and maybe that was the reason why the iron meshwork’s structure and formative appealed to her. It provided her with an artistic freedom to work with physical, human shape and still keeping the weight-less and the softness, which are remote to the traditional sculpture’s weight. The body balances between reality and dream, between the substance and the resolved. The sculpture floats above us and against us, in the same time it seems to be able to float by without leaving a trace. Bäckström’s work carries the human presence and a spiritual force, which also is something that can be perceived as a story line in Barbro Bäckström’s entire artistry no matter if it is about her wall reliefs in iron mesh, plastic or aluminium, nor the many public sculptures she has created. Bukowskis is proud to present a large iron meshwork sculpture by Bäckström.

Barbro Bäckström
Photo: Malmö konstmuseum


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