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Louise Wrede chooses three highlights from the auction

For newcomers amongst auctions, who aims to build a collection of contemporary art & photographs, is there any specific works they shall keep an eye on?
Visiting the viewing is a quick way for an aspiring art collector to get an overview and informed opinion of what they are appealed to. The Contemporary Art & Design auction showcases works from different decades and by artists with markedly different styles, ranging from the 1960still today. There are different strategies or approaches for new collectors, either going for works by a younger artist, hoping that the price might rise. You could also invest in works in the lower price range by a well-established artist.
There are many pieces to choose between should you be interested in younger and talented artists, one is the painting ”Marsian Trap” by the Swedish artist Jim Thorell, estimate 30 000 – 40 000 SEK.

If you would rather go for a more established artist I would recommend Yoko Ono’s sculpture ”Apple”, in an edition of only 9, estimate 30 000 – 40 000 SEK. The painting ”Nattlandskap” and the sculpture ”Uccellino malato” by Marie-Louise Ekman are also very affordable.

What piece should the more established collector go for?
The painting “Untitled (joke)” by the legendary American artist Richard Prince is absolutely the one I would recommend, since his paintings are constantly hitting new records on the auction market.
If you are looking for something in another price range, I recommend Lena Cronqvist’s fantastique bronze sculptures.

What can we expect from Bukowskis Contemporary Art & Design viewing?
The viewing features works by some of the most recognized artists within contemporary art. Jim Dine’s painting “In the Harem, Abu Tor” is offered alongside superb pieces from the likes of, Richard Prince, Keith Haring, Christo, Petra Cortright, Oscar Murillo and many more. The auction also incorporates a beautiful collection of paintings by the Swedish artist Ola Billgren.

Louise Wrede picking three highlights from the auction.

Petra Cortright ”NortoMotebookCommander(hehosting_Excelbeispiele-parties)).axd"
Petra Cortright has been called the Monet of the 21st century; an apt description of Cortright’s digital landscape paintings. Cortright became famous in 2007 when she published self-portrait YouTube videos filmed with her webcam. Cortright’s art today also encompasses large-scale paintings, which she creates in Photoshop. The files are modified in hundreds of layers and she calls the original file the “mother file”. The finished painting is then printed on fine linnen canvas, aluminum, paper or silk. The titles of the works reflect the file names.

Barbro Östlihn ”20 Fulton Street”
Barbro Östlihn made this painting for her solo exhibition in New York at Tibor de Nagy Gallery in 1968. All the paintings in the exhibition were composed of facades of Manhattan. During this period of time, many houses were torned in favour of the skyscrapers. Östhlin captured and documented a city in transition through her stylized paintings of facades.

Oscar Murillo ”Untitled”
Oscar Murillo’s large-scale paintings imply action, performance, and chaos, but are in fact methodically composed with full control over expressions. His works often relates to his own life. The city life in London, where he is based and Colombia where he was born in 1986. His works are composed of rough-hewn stitched canvases, which combine colours with fragments of text as well as dirt and dust from his studio.

Viewing April 4th–8th at Berzelii Park 1 in Stockholm
Open: Mon–Fri 11AM–6PM, Sat–Sun 11AM–5PM
Sale: April 9th, start 3PM. Arsenalsgatan 2 in Stockholm

150. Barbro Östlihn, "20 Fulton Street".
Hammer price 
170 000 SEK
100 000 - 120 000 SEK
174. Oscar Murillo, "Untitled".
1 000 000 - 1 200 000 SEK
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