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Interview with Fredrick af Klercker, creative director Stiljournalen

With a passion for clothes and style, watches have always been a key style accouterment for Fredrik af Klercker, creative director Stiljournalen and running the podcast with the same name. A couple of years back, he started his own clothing brand Klercker Clothing, focusing on classic menswear paired with something with a twist. Below, Fredrik af Klercker tells about his interest in vintage-watches and what to keep in mind when choosing your watch for everyday and evening. He also chooses his favourite lots from Bukowskis upcoming auction Important Timepieces.

How did you become interested in vintage watches?
Well, even though it is a boring answer, I couldn’t afford the new ones. But thanks to that a whole new world opened and my interest have been increasing ever since.

Having been focused on the latest I suddenly emerged to the most elegant. My motto is that for something to become elegant, it has to pass the test of time. This applies to style icons as well as the iconic watches. Nothing is born an icon. Discovering vintage makes you appreciate historical beauty which I think is absolutely key to appreciate modern beauty. Personally, except for a Swatch and a Triwa, I only have vintage watches. As with wines, you have to wait, taste and then you can tell which are the classics-to-be.

If you want to invest in a vintage-watch, what should you think about? And what about evening and everyday watches, how should one think?
Good question. The key is to separate the two, the evening and the everyday watch. A beautiful watch is always a beautiful watch, however, it doesn’t fit every occasion. It’s nice having a small selection of watches. But just because you are pleased with your new watch, you don’t have to showcase it 24/7. There is an occasion for every watch. Speaking about evening watches, the following applies:

White tie – a pocket watch or no watch at all.
Smoking - A very very very thin gold watch with white dial and black leather band. And as I was saying, there is only four watches pairing well with smoking. The auction encompasses one of them, otherwise go for a pocket watch.
Formal – the same as for smoking.
Business casual – Go on and experiment a bit and play with colours and sizes. For the round watches, don’t stretch it over 36 mm though. This goes for the evening as well as for everyday. And never a dive or a sport watch with formal, especially not with double cuffs.
Everyday – Go bananas in terms of everyday! Especially during spring and summer. Personally, I prefer vintage sport styles by Omega and Rolex.

There are many sought after watches in the auction, do you have any favourites?
Of course I do, here it goes:

ROLEX, Submariner, "Red Meters first Mark II”
A lovely sport watch! I love this style, especially with the Jubilé band which render a more casual sense than the Oyster-band.

OMEGA, Seamaster, Polaris, "Putte Wickman”
There are no words needed. It belonged to a legend!

Probably the most elegant watch there is, and one of four which pairs well with smoking!

OMEGA, Seamaster 300, "Big Triangle"
The perfect watch for the summer, casually cool. Really nice on a tanned arm paired with a pair of beige shorts and a white tee.

PATEK PHILIPPE, "Officer", "150th Anniversary”
This watch makes for the perfect fit with a suit, with its’ rather modest but elegant appearance and with a marvellous inside.

A true staple for every gentleman. Having said that you never should wear a wristwatch with your white tie and almost never with a smoking, this is classic to include in your collection of watches.

Style icon Fredrik af Klercker
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Instagram: @fredrikafk, @stiljournalen, @klerckerclothing

20. ROLEX, Submariner, "Red Meters first Mark II".
Hammer price 
155 000 SEK
150 000 SEK
62. OMEGA, Seamaster, Polaris, "Putte Wickman".
Hammer price 
16 000 SEK
15 000 SEK
77. OMEGA, Seamaster 300, "Big Triangle".
Hammer price 
55 000 SEK
50 000 SEK
91. INTERNATIONAL WATCH Co, "IWC", hunting case.
Hammer price 
14 000 SEK
16 000 SEK

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