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Jonatan Jahn chooses his favourite from Contemporary Art & Design

The Design section contains many iconic works and hot interior design objects from both contemporary designers and those stretching back to the 1960s. In the world of design, the 1980s meant great progress, change where new design standards and ideas got established. Ahead of Contemporary Art & Design we spoke to Bukowskis’ design specialist, Jonatan Jahn.

For new collectors who want to start collecting and furnish with design, which objects among the lots in this auction could be a good start?
I often recommend venturing into objects by designers who represent our time. I personally find it fun to pick up on something that no one or very few others have, just the thought of buying a future classic is tickling!

Among the lots in this auction, I would say that as a new collector you should invest in items by Åsa Jungnelius, Hanna Hansdotter or Jonatan Nilsson. These are designers who currently work across boundaries between art, crafts and design.

Hanna Hansdotter's "Dripping Print" catalog number 63, or Jonatan Nilsson's "Mirror Lamp" catalog number 77, are both good objects to invest in and to keep as both a work of art or a decorative object!

Which artwork should you invest a little extra in if you are a more established collector?
The auction includes three key works by Åsa Jungnelius, each representing Jungnelius’ craftwork as a clear agenda. Jungnelius’ work and artistry are characterised by a distinct symbolism and a questioning of social norms and hierarchies. Various versions of the works are currently represented at museums in Sweden. ”Lipstick” catalog number 66, "Snippan" no. 67 and "Storstaken" no. 68 are, in my opinion, coming classics and definitely upcoming collectors item. Jungnelius just finished the exhibition "Artifacts" at Vandalorum and is today one of the most important artisans and glass artists of our time.

What can we expect of the viewing for Bukowskis Contemporary Art & Design?
An inspiring viewing where classic contemporary design meets more unusual and exclusive works by well-known architects and designers.

Jonatan Jahn’s three highlights with a focus on the 1980s:

Jasper Morrison "Ply Chair/open back for Vitra"
From the selection of objects representing the 1980s, the opportunity to buy a world architect's design history milestone arises. Morrison's 1988 exhibition, in which the chair "Ply Chair Openback" was displayed with an accompanying table, is sometimes said to have been the last success of the postmodern movement. Morrison's simplicity and focus on function and creating a stripped-down and tranquil interior went down like a bomb, considering the Memphis group had been the leading design ideal during much of the 1980s. The chairs and table sold at this autumn's auction are early copies, purchased in Stockholm around 1989, the year after Morrison's breakthrough exhibition in Berling 1988.

Jonas Bohlin "Concrete" for Källemo
For the design world, the 1980s meant great progress and change, with both the Memphis Group in Milan and Jonas Bohlin in Stockholm showing examples of how new form norms and ideas were established. The concrete chair is a monumental classic for Swedish postmodernism. Few objects are so iconic and symbolic of their time. At the auction there is the opportunity to acquire a "Concrete" with a low number in the edition and in really good condition.

Ettore Sottsas ceiling light "Quisisiana", Memphis Group
Sottsas playful and personal design language is close to my heart. This ceiling light can light up any rigid interior. No one can help but see how Sottsass and the Memphis group turned the design world upside down with their exhibition in Milan in 1981. Memphis never goes out of time.

When is the viewing and auction?

Contemporary Art & Design
Viewing: 7–11 November at Berzelii Park in Stockholm, Sweden
Auction: 12 November at Arsenalsgatan 2 i Stockholm, Sweden

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