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The Märta Måås–Fjetterström atelier’s 100 year jubilee

Märta Måås–Fjetterström founded her atelier in Båstad 1919. Since then, Måås–Fjetterström and her studio have become world–famous.

There is no other textile artist in the 20th century who has had such an impact on textile and carpet art as Måås–Fjetterström. Constantly taking her designs to new levels makes Märta Måås–Fjetterström an unique artist. She took inspiration from a wide range of eras and styles, from old Nordic ornaments, medieval patterns, ancient legends, folk art, art nouveau, to colourful Oriental carpets and art deco. There is no other textile artist with such a wide variety of motives in carpet, tapestry and textile designs as Märta Måås–Fjetterström.

Among Måås–Fjetterström’s skills were her ability to see the effect her designs would have on people. To her, a carpet was a piece of art in itself, not just an interior decoration.

While Märta Måås–Fjetterström was a master of patterns, her successor, Barbro Nilsson’s strenght was in colours and her way of combining them. Barbro Nilsson also managed to enrol several textile artists to the studio, such as Marianne Richter. Among the artists who worked in the studio were also Barbro Sprinchorn, Ann–Mari Forsberg and Kaisa Melanton.

Bukowskis congratulates Märta Måås–Fjetterström AB on the 100 year jubilee!

Märta Måås-Fjetterström. Photo: Märta Måås-Fjetterström AB/

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