Bid on "Sic transic Gloria" by Oiva Toikka

Helsinki Design + Contemporary Art presents an impressive array of Finnish contemporary art and design. One of the auction’s highlights is a unique handwoven paper rug by Oiva Toikka. The work was a part of the Paper Art Gallery’s 10-year anniversary exhibition in 2000. The exhibition presented four artists’ views and interpretations of paper.

The theme of the exhibition was “technique”. In Oiva Toikka’s "Sic transic Gloria" work Gloria magazines embrace a new form. The magazine's traditional form has been transformed into an impressive and luscious artwork.

“The end result, which was achieved by shredding the magazines into small pieces, fascinated me. I had expected that the colour scale would be stronger, but the end result was surprisingly fresh. Paper is a very versatile material and can take many forms. It was fun to go against the rules and create something out of the ordinary." – Oiva Toikka

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Oiva Toikka, "Sic transic Gloria"
Rug made by Sirkka Paikkari Loomsterstudio, Finland 2000.
Estimate: 18 000 - 20 000 €.

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