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Artworks by Helmer Osslund at Important Spring Sale

For this spring's anniversary auction, Important Spring Sale, we have already received a fine selection of paintings from the much appreciated Swedish artist Helmer Osslund. We can offer everything from the monumental panorama "Mullfjället, autumn landscape from Jämtland" to another part of his art – the portrait "Actress". We are looking for more paintings by the artist as we have many customers who are looking for his varied and colorful artwork, both to be sold at our online auctions and hammer auctions.

Helmer Osslund, "Skådespelerskan" (The Actress)

Helmer Osslund's portrait likes to depict people in the vicinity of the artist, where the locals often are the focus. The portrait, filled with a distinctive characteristic, was a complement to the colorful landscapes. The current portrait "Actress" has a touch of continental elegance which makes it stand out in Osslund's portrait production. The model was reportedly called Hedman by last name and is believed to have been born in Duved in Jämtland. Possibly Osslund met her during one of his many Northern roving walks.

Estimate: 30 000 – 40 000 SEK

Helmer Osslund, "Faxälven vid Granvåg" (The Fax river at Granvåg)

It is important to be able to know your northern geography when considering Helmer Osslund. He moved frequently between the northern landscapes, but certain motifs and geographical locations recur frequently. One such is Granvåg and Faxälvsoset, where the Faxälven and Ångermanälven meets at Svalnipan. This painting was completed in 1916 and 1921, Osslund moved permanently to Skärvsta, near the confluence of the Fax River with the Ångermanälven at Skellefteå. The painting in question was originally part of Helge Dahlstedt's renowned collection.

Estimate: 40 000 – 50 000 SEK

Helmer Osslund, "Sommar vid älven" (Summer at the river)

Summer was not Osslund's season. He, like many other painters, spoke condescendingly about the "spinach". This was when the season in question limited the palette. A nice exception is this early summer image in high blue and green that shows the river landscape in its most sparkling greenery. The depiction of the Ångerman River with clear birches under sucking clouds is a relatively early work from the 1890s where Osslund's painting still has strong ties to the realism of the late 19th century. After the turn of the century, he would move toward a higher degree of syntheticism.

Estimate: 30 000 – 40 000 SEK

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Cecilia Berggren
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