Siri Carlén about her Easter Eve wishes

Photo: Mira Wickman

Interview with Siri Carlén - Artist and Illustrator

Her expression is described as heartfelt, dynamic, colourful and fun-filled, traits that also reflect her personality. In all her works you can also see clear traces of the production itself and the human hand. Siri is close to the tactile and artisanal and often works with living materials such as pastels, paint and brush. Since graduating from Konstfack 2015, Siri works full time as an artist and illustrator and her assignments and customers come with great variety. Her unique drawings can bee seen in everything from storefronts and clothing for well-known Swedish fashion brands to trays and decorations. The artworks consist of colourful figures, portraits and still life. Siri's work is about pleasure. Curiosity and inspiration are what drives her and she loves the tension between the ordinary and imagination, crafts and decoration, the real and the imaginary. She works intuitively and the path between her thoughts and drawings are seamless.

What inspires you and your work?

I like visual experiences, materials and the tactile. I love crafts and folklore. Traditional folk art and crafts from all countries usually get to me emotionally. I am drawn to colour, textiles, painting, still life and patterns. I try to look at a lot, be objective as the child. I struggle to avoid distinguishing what is beautiful and ugly.

Where can we see your most recent work?

Right now my designs are on Svenskt Tenn's Easter decorations. It is mouth-blown hand-painted glass eggs. A great product. A dream job for a craftsman mad with slow production. The designs are a homage to Frank and to join him side by side feels very powerful.

What are your plans for Easter Eve?

My husband celebrates his birthday on Easter Eve so it becomes a low key mix of a birthday party, Easter and Pesach. We don't have any particular traditions and that is quite liberating. Especially this year when everything is upside down anyway. It will be an evening eating roasted lamb and hopefully a cake, and maybe we will look at the Prince of Egypt and make popcorn.

Siri Carlén

Artist and Illustrator
Siri in a collaboration with Svenskt Tenn
Instagram: @siricarlen
Photo: Svenskt Tenn

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