"The End of Reason" at Contemporary Art & Design

Photography from the series "The Limbo Pictures" by Lovisa Ringborg

This work is a part of the photographic series ”The Limbo Pictures” executed by Lovisa Ringborg in 2007–2009. Limbo meaning literally hem or border, in theological usage the name is applied to the temporary place or state of the souls of the ones who are excluded from heaven but that neither deserve eternal punishment in hell.

In this series Ringborg uses Limbo as a metaphor where she explores fragile, ambivalent situations. The characters in the images are isolated in a darkness isolated from the world around them, unaware of time and surroundings. The pictures becomes pieces in a personal existential puzzle about disorientation in a world of constructed norms. A place where the road suddenly disappears into a darkness and navigation is no longer possible – a solitary path towards an imagined fulfillment. Ringbord have had several solo shows at Cecilia Hillström Gallery, most recently in January 2020. If you wish to learn more about Lovisa Ringborg and her universe we can recommend the documentary "Drömmar och fotografi" shot in 2016.

Lovisa Ringborg, "The End of Reason", 2007 from the series "The Limbo Pictures" 2007-2009. Signed Lovisa Ringborg and numbered AP 1 on label verso. C-print silicone mounted to acrylic glass. Estimate: 60 000 – 80 000 SEK. The artwork is for sale at Contemporary Art & Design 17 June and on view 11–15 June at Berzelii Park 1 in Stockholm, Sweden. For questions regarding condition reports, please contact our specialists:

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