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Exhibition: Madeleine Pyk – The dream of flying

The debut exhibition of Madeleine Pyk took place at the legendary Petra at the Lilla Paviljongen in Stockholm in 1956 - the same year that she completed her studies at the Art College. Later studies followed at Konstfack, the Academy of Arts (1963-1967). The exhibition was later on followed by continued studies and exhibitions all over Sweden. She also had solo exhibitions internationally in Amsterdam, Botswana, Hamburg, Nice, Paris and Rome and is represented at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Stockholm City collections, Norrköpings Museum, Västerås Museum, Västerås City collections, Umeå Museum and Östersunds Museum.

Madeleine Pyk moves across a wide register, in addition to painting and working with graphics, she writes and photographs. She has published several books and made films.

In her art everything is possible. In the recurring motifs of the family, various animals, cities and self-portraits, the sadness is mixed with the joyfulness, reality with imagination, order with chaos, the easy with wide depth. Anja Notini writes in her book “Madeleine Pyk - I play that I live”, (Wiken, 1990, page 13): “In the pictures from work environments there are also family, friends, beauty experiences, journeys in space and time; dreams that are realities and realities that she describes as dreams."

Labeling Madeleine Pyk is difficult, many have tried. Like an exotic bird, she is herself enough. Throughout her long career in art, she has had an exceptional energy and work discipline, which has resulted in a large production with several exhibitions per year. She is loved by the audience as few others and considering how many homes that have a painting by Madeleine Pyk on the wall, there are relatively few that come out for sale in a secondary market. The owners have a personal relationship with these works, with their personal stories, which makes it difficult to separate from them.

In this exhibition consisting of almost 100 paintings, both old but mostly new works are shown, where we recognize her motives to a certain extent but where she - again - has sought new ways in painting. In the dream of flying everything is possible.

All works are sold at fixed prices starting June 25.
Catalogue online from 22 June.

Visit the exhibition at Bukowskis
Berzelii Park 1, June 26 - August 16
Monday - Friday 11am - 4pm.

Extra weekend open
June 27-28, 11 am-4pm
August 15-16, 11 am-4pm

88. Madeleine Pyk, Tiger.
The object is sold 

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