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Bukowskis jewellery specialists select favourites from this week's online feed

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Our trained gemmologists and experienced jewellery specialists have selected their personal favourites of timeless and elegant gems from our online feed. Here we see jewellery designed by some of the Nordic region's most prominent jewellery designers active during the 1950s, as well as a classic signed Cartier.

Pearl necklace; probably W A Bolin, Cultured Pearls, Diamonds, Estimate 6,000 SEK

A pearl necklace probably made by court jeweller W A Bolin Stockholm. Here we see an exquisite lock-in platinum in combination with a triangle-cut diamond. The diamonds are perhaps from 1938.

I would mount the lock on several smaller pearls or a platinum chain and get a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery at a reasonable price, says Unni Trolle, gemologist and valuer in Malmö.

To the piece

Cecilia Johansson; Earring, Silver, Estimate 2,500 SEK.

The theme auction Nordic Design Jewellery includes a majority of pieces from all members of the so-called Gothenburg School, which started in the late '50s by a group of young jewellery artists. The group consisted of the brothers Anders and Sven-Erik Högberg and the spouses Cecilia and Karl-Ingemar Johansson. They wanted to develop the art of jewellery in a more accessible and playful way, and their work material came mainly to be silver, exceptionally with set stones and gold.

Their work is easily recognizable by its characteristic, timeless, graphic style. Cecilia Johansson's jewellery is the most playful and innovative, while the other members stuck to a slightly tighter design. Cecilia Johansson trained with silversmith Thore Eldh at the School of Art and Design in Gothenburg, and her jewellery is characterized by resilient spirals, swirls and bows in addition to the robust chains with geometric patterns that represent the entire Gothenburg School.

Auction number 1264945. A tighter variant of circles can be seen in the bracelet with auction number 1263245. Cecilia Johansson designed most of the pendants in such a way that could be combined with the traditional chains. Two typical examples can be seen in the pendants with geod and agate set in silver with auction number 1264942, says Sara Berglund, gemmologist and valuer in Gothenburg.

To jewellery by Cecilia Johansson

Cartier; 'Love', 18 K gold, Exclamation 35,000 SEK

The Love bracelet is probably one of the house's Cartier bestsellers and icons. The bracelet is designer Aldo Cipullo's first design for the brand in the '60s. It has a seemingly simple design that locks around the wrist with small screws.

Paradoxically, the Love bracelet can be said to be both modern and innovative, Cipullo renewed the art of jewellery with this design. At the same time, the very idea where the bracelet locked on the owner's arm with a screwdriver owned by one's partner is anachronistic for a modern time. Cipullo can, therefore, be said to have created a unique expression of love in the art of jewellery.

It is also said that the jewellery would have been created after a breakup and that Cipullo wanted to create an expression of love like nothing else. At the launch, Cartier sent out bracelets to 25 famous couples, including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, says Fredrik Karlsson, gemologist and valuer in Stockholm.

To The Love bracelet

Rosa Taikon; Bracelet, Sterling silver, Exclamation 18,000 SEK

It is exciting to see that we have several pieces of jewellery by Rosa Taikon in our ongoing theme auction Nordic Design Jewellery.

With her instantly recognizable style, Taikon's jewellery combines traditional Roman craftsmanship with Scandinavian modernist simplicity. When Taikon's brother was murdered, she took a crash course in silversmithing to be able to carry on family traditions, and thanks to a bracelet she created in record time, she entered the University College of Arts, Science and Culture despite lacking formal qualifications.

Wearing a bracelet by Rosa Taikon is a tribute to both her art and the lifelong struggle for the equal value of all people, says Cecilia Andrén, responsible jewellery specialist in Stockholm.

To jewellery by Rosa Taikon

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