The specialist's choice – Jonatan Jahn lists design

This autumn's design catalogue includes several objects with interesting provenances and high collector value.

In the department of design, you will find several designers who represent our contemporary scenes of design, such as Jan Klingler, Nick Ross, Hanna Hansdotter and the trio Fredrik Paulsen, Simon Klenell and Kristoffer Sundin. Collectables from Mario Marenco, Massimo Morozzi, and Warren Platner, as well as Swedish postmodern classics from Jonas Bohlin, Thomas Sandell and Mats Theselius, will be auctioned this autumn.

Bukowskis design specialist Jonatan Jahn highlights some of his favourites.

64. Fredrik Paulsen, Kristoffer Sundin and Simon Klenell, 4 unique chairs for restaurant Omnipollo, Göteborg, 2018.

The design trio Fredrik Paulsen, Simon Klenell and Kristoffer Sundin have had a significant influence on our contemporary design scene during the 2010s. Today, they work with separate assignments and different processes, but previously they have acted as a strong joint force in our time.

Among other things, they jointly started the Örnsberg auction (2012-2017), which was a vital contributor to spreading interest and knowledge about our contemporary design scene. In addition, they had the mission to decorate several of the restaurant concept Omnipollo's restaurants and bars around the world. At this autumn's Contemporary auction, four exclusive chairs from Omnipollo's restaurant in Gothenburg will be sold. The restaurant was unfortunately closed due to the current world situation, after opening as late as 2018. Their playful and norm-critical design language is significant and has set the agenda for how the aesthetics of our time will be written into history.

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Woytek Weidne and Caroline Axell, 'POP UP CHAIR', made in an edition of 60 av Martin Altwegg 2014.

Another group of designers with another memorable project was Restaurant Dill in 2014. Woytek Weidne, Caroline Axell and Simon Klenell among others designed the interior for the restaurant that was carried out as a PR coup by the food chain Lidl. For just over three weeks, the project was performed with the two-star Michelin chef Michael Wignall and his team in the kitchen.

Two of the 60 chairs for the restaurant, made by master carpenter Martin Altwegg, are included in the catalogue. Restaurant Dill is an interesting example of how contemporary designers and their objects have gained an increased influence in our time, as opinion leaders and seasoners. Designers have been granted more space to extend the boundaries aesthetically and materially through several private contractors in restaurants and shops, which has helped to highlight artistic values of otherwise functional things. Today, many designers work cross-border in the field of art and design.

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Jerszy Seymour, 'Amateur Workshop chair', Studio Jerszy Seymour, Berlin ca 2010.

Additionally, a contemporary trend in the field of design is the comeback of craft. An example is Jerszey Seymour's "Amature chair" which is composed of wood and wax. Seymore's conceptual chair questions the Western view of production, which has to a great extent been moved to low-wage countries. Seymour's "Amature" project comes with the principles of using simple materials and the artisanal and locally produced. The chair in the auction-catalogue was included in the touring exhibition The Future is Handmade (2014) which captured this exciting paradigm shift, presenting the comeback of craft in the design world. The collector's value of the chair increases due to the exhibitions provenance. The model is additionally represented in the collections at the Center Pompidou in Paris and the Vitra Design Museum in Basel.

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54. Lotta Lampa, 'Tjabo Thunder light', unique lamp, Studio Lotta Lampa 2020.

Other interesting features in the scene of contemporary design, emphasises the small-scale, locally produced and where the role of the designer as part of all stages in the production is of importance. Examples of this are demonstrated in Lotta Lampa's "Tjabo Thunder Light" and Hanna Hansdotter's "Stucco print". Lampa's personal and distinctive expression is rooted in the "raggar culture" in her hometown Kalix. She produces the objects her garage in close collaboration with her father and brother. Her objects are unique and handcrafted. The unique "Tjabo Thunder Light" lamp in this autumn's catalogue has its own expression with unique paint, blended on a mixture of different car paint shades from Volvo, VW and Toyota among others. Next spring, Lampa will participate in SVT's new series about contemporary artists and designers and their influence and influences, which will probably be her big public breakthrough.

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59 A. Hanna Hansdotter, Stucco print", sculpture, The Glass Factory, Boda Glasbruk, 2019.

Hanna Hansdotter, who this year received the Åke Andrén Foundation's scholarship and is currently on display at Prins Eugen's Waldermarsudde, has become one of the most noticed designers and artisans of our time. Hansdotter lives and works in Boda with the Glass factory. Hansdotter has developed and changed the ancient craft tradition in the glass industry. With her personal sculptures and close collaboration with the glassblowers, she has made glass an artistic means of expression. Additionally, she has helped to shed new light on glass as a material that has reached a new audience and appreciation.

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