Anniversary auctions at Bukowskis: Impressive silver

Bukowskis presents impressive silver on the anniversary auction Important Winter Sale

During Sweden's transformation into being the great power of Europe, in the 17th century and early 18th century, the silver production played an important role when it came to showing off in great splendour. The strongest influences came from the german Baroque silver with its richly embossed bodies and silver-gilt details These kinds of objects could in a very effective way, mirror the importance of its owner and his power.

Parallel with the richly decorated surfaces the Swedish taste was in favour of a more simple silhouette, high-quality objects with undecorated surfaces and strong, straight lines. This is very typical for the Swedish Carolinian period, and the elegant simplicity can be seen in the early beakers and the tankards on ball feet.

The Swedish Rococo also exudes elegance. Many believe that Rococo is the most beautiful section in our silver history. Perhaps it is because the difficult-to-master and playful forms required the blacksmith's utmost skill and sense of the material. The pioneer of Rococo in Swedish silver art is usually said to be Christian Precht, he was inspired by his studies in France and had a very confident eye for proportions and style ideals. Despite the fact that the Rococo lasted a short period in Swedish art history, it remains stylistically in the silversmith's for a long time, probably because so many loved the soft and playful decor.

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When is the viewing and auction?

Bukowskis Important Winter Sale
Viewing 4 – 9 december, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm, Opening hours: Mon–Fri kl 11–18, Sat–Sun kl 11–17
Auction 10 – 11 December, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm

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