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Tommy Körberg – a collection of polar bears

Tommy Körberg A collection of polar bears

The Swedish artist Tommy Körberg is now selling his acclaimed private collection of polar bears at Bukowskis. The collection consists of more than 50 polar bears, each with its unique expression, shape and material such as porcelain, stoneware, alabaster and glass. The collection, which has grown over 40 years, offers wild, playful, curious and charming bears from well-known designers such as Vicke Lindstrand, Lisa Larson, and many sought-after figurines from Royal Copenhagen. Tommy tells himself about how it came about that he started collecting polar bears and what he want to collect next.

How come you started collecting polar bears? What made you particularly fond of it?
I went down to the Chelsea Art Fair during my stay in London in the '80s. The first thing I saw was a polar bear lamp in white alabaster. I adopted the epithet "beautiful and dangerous".

Do you have a personal favourite?
I like everything from Royal Copenhagen and my two bears from Lisa Larson.

Have you named your polar bears?
Yes, everyone's name is Skifs.

Where would you like to see the collection to end up?
Someone who wants them and cares about their survival.

Are you going to start collecting something new now?
I will gather strength for my survival.

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