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Helsinki Winter Sale presents a collection of international modern and contemporary art

Helsinki Winter Sale

12–28 November

This autumn's Helsinki Winter Sale presents a collection of artworks by sought-after international artists. Represented are artists Jim Dine, Eduardo Chillida, Joan Miró and many more. Below we present some of the selected highlights.

Jim Dine, "The fall from Grace III". Estimate 25 000 – 35 000 EUR.

The heart is a recurring motif in the American artist Jim Dine's work, and it serves as a means for his thoughts and feelings, deriving from his reactions to life's rich range of experiences. The heart is central to the work The fall from Grace III, with an eye that meets the viewer's gaze and creates a multifaceted symbolism in the artwork.

Joan Miró, "Gaudi XXI". Estimate 12 000 – 18 000 EUR.

The artist Joan Miró and the architect Antoni Gaudí had much more in common than that they both were world-famous Catalan artists. They both drew inspiration from nature and saw it as the root of all their creative endeavours. Miró always expressed his admiration for Gaudí's work and appreciated the architect's risk appetite and improvisation. The Gaudí series includes 21 prints where Miró used combinations of several techniques, from traditional to the most innovative methods, such as etching, sugar aquatint, carborundum, and collage, to name a few.

Eduardo Chillida, "Lurra G-116". Estimate 80 000 – 120 000 EUR.

One of Spain's most famous sculptors, Eduardo Chillida, created the sculpture series Lurra, named after the Basque word for earth, sporadically since 1977. The sculptures are made of chamotte clay, giving the impression of archaic objects adorned with mysterious hieroglyphic-like patterns. The sculpture in question, Lurra G-116, was fired together with Hans Spinner.

Robert Combas, "Two Oizo". Estimate 25 000 – 35 000 EUR.

The French painter Robert Combas is widely recognized as the forerunner of the figuration libre movement that began in Paris around 1980, drawing on pop cultural influences such as graffiti and cartoons. The work Two Oizo showcases the artist's distinctive style, with a manic composition of animals and figures with two birds in the focal forefront.

Merab Guramovich Abramishvili, "Anteater". Estimate 15 000 – 20 000 EUR.

Georgian artist Merab Guramovich Abramishvili was greatly influenced by medieval Georgian frescoes and Orientalist miniatures, which can be seen in both style and technique in his work. Intricate depictions of exotic animals are some of Abramishvili's recurring themes, as in this majestic painting of an anteater now to be auctioned.

The artworks will be sold at Helsinki Winter Sale, 12–28 November.

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