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The specialist's choice – Cecilia Nordström lists favourites from the Asian department

Specialists choice Cecilia Nordström

We have spoken with Cecilia Nordström, Head Specialist Asian Ceramics and Works of Art, European Ceramics and Glass, who tells us about the Asian department at this year's Important Winter Sale ahead of the auction on 9 December. At the same time, she takes the opportunity to highlight some of her personal favourites.

What can we look forward to regarding this year's Important Winter Sale auction?

– Bukowskis Important Winter Sale includes an extensive Asian department featuring items from several well-known Swedish private collections such as the Gustaf Wallenberg Collection, The Carl Kempe Collection, The Hultmark Collection, The Traugott Collection, The Christer Löfgren Collection, The Ankarcrona Collection and many more. The sale is a carefully curated selection of Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, spanning Chinas long and rich history. Highlights include buddhas, paintings, bronzes, porcelain, jade, lacquer, Chinese textiles, Chinese silver, furniture and so much more.

We welcome you to visit our viewing. Dont't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

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When is the viewing and auction?

Viewing: December 1–6th, Berzelii Park, Stockholm.
Open: Mon–Fri 11 AM–6 PM, Sat–Sun 11 AM–4 PM.
Auction: December 7–9th, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm.

The Collection of Ivar Björnberg

The sale starts with the Collection of Ivar Björnberg (1934-2021), a collector we knew well at Bukowskis.

– I always feel that it is an honour to be entrusted with a collection and that the collection in a way recounts a story of one man’s lifelong curiosity, passion and dedication to the study of China, its history and amazing Works of Art.

Mr Björnberg, a quiet and discreet collector, began collecting in the 1950’s. His interest started early when he visited the auctions and galleries in Stockholm with his parents, he became friends with the well-renowned antique dealer Viktoria Lindström who became his mentor when he started his collection.

His collection is a treasure trove for someone who wants to start their own collection or add to an existing one, it is filled with well-chosen items.

To the collection

Lot 822. A blue and white quatrefoil dragon box with wooden cover and stand, Ming dynasty, Wanli mark and period (1573-1620).

One of my favourites from Ivar Björnberg Collection collection is the blue and white Wanli-box. Boxes of all shapes and sizes were made during the Wanli period, some in specifically conceived shapes, such as the long rectangular examples used to hold fans, and others, such as the present example see lot no 822 which may have been used as a presentation box for a gift of sweetmeats.

Estimate: 50 000 – 75 000 SEK

To the dragon box

Lot nr 894. A large cold gilt sculpture of a crowned medicine Buddha/Bhaisjyaguru, Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

The beauty and tranquility of the buddhist sculptures never cease to fascinate. In the Björnberg Collection we have an elegant example in lot 894, the large Bhaisajyaguru colloquially called the Medicine Buddha, is considered a healer who alleviates suffering and offers solace to the afflicted through the medicine of his teachings.

The large cold gilt sculpture of a crowned medicine Buddha/Bhaisjyaguru, Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Shown seated in dhyanasana on a separate lotus base. Dressed in loosely draped robe left open at the chest. The broad face with serene expression and the hair pulled up in a tall chignon behind the five-point crown.

Estimate: 500 - 700 000 kronor.

To the sculpture

Lot 934. The Carl Kempe silver horse.

This very well researched and toured horse is now coming on the market for the first time, it has remained with the family until now. The Swedish Industrialist Carl Kempe is well known today as a famed collector of Chinese antiquities. A few years ago, a large part of his collection was offered at auction at Christies.

Carl Kempe’s interest in Chinese art began in the 1920s. He belonged to a group of Chinese art connoisseurs who began collecting in the early 20th Century; he was also a member of the China Club in Stockholm (a local branch of the Oriental Ceramic Society in London).

As an enthusiastic collector, Kempe welcomed scholars and collectors from all over the world, to view and discuss his remarkable collection. He also loaned pieces from the collection to a number of international exhibitions for example, the famous 1935-36 International Exhibition of Chinese Art in London. This horse was on tour in the Exhibition Chinese Gold & Silver in the Carl Kempe Collection, Circulated by the Smithsonian Institution 1954-55.

Among the highlights from the Hultmark collection, we find lot no 922, a fine gilt copper alloy censer with pierced cover, dating late Ming dynasty / early Qing dynasty. Estimate 40-45 000 SEK

Estimate: 200 000 – 250 000 SEK

To the horse

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Lot 922. A gilt copper alloy censer with pierced cover, late Ming dynasty / early Qing dynasty.

A gilt copper alloy censer with pierced cover, late Ming dynasty / early Qing dynasty. Tripod with tall legs, pumpkin-shaped mid-section with gilded high relief of flowers. Handles in the shape of mythical beasts. Cover pierced and with a Buddhist lion finial, the inside of the cover with four etched characters of commendation, freely interpreted as made for a tempel devoted to Mazu. Height 17 cm. Height with sculptured wooden stand 22.5 cm.

Estimate: 40 000 – 45 000 SEK.

To the censer

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Contacts our Specialists

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