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Bukowskis x TAF – Stockholm Design Week


* Swedish for; foundation, base, basis, ground, pediment, footing

An exhibition about pedestals. The obvious purpose of podiums and pedestals is to highlight something else. In this collaboration, they are instead put in focus as a tribute to utility and the modest. Discover 27 bespoke pedestals and 27 objects from Bukowskis and TAF, curated for the exhibition and auctions online. The pedestals are pragmatically constructed according to three concepts.

To FUNDAMENT by TAF To Curated by TAF

Viewing February 7th – 11th, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Auction Online February 3rd – 12th
Open Tue – Fri, 11 am – 5 pm, Sat 11 am – 4 pm

Deep material knowledge, and an interest in the relationship between craft and industrial processes, lead to equal parts art and technology in TAF’s practice and output. Their ideas on sustainability, which runs through each project, is that high quality in every detail equals.

Gabriella Lenke & Mattias Ståhlbom, founders of TAF


A material and an object from nature that changes it ́s context from outdoor to indoor and from stone to aluminium. A limestone from Gotland is 3d-scanned, re-designed, and cast in solid aluminium. It works as a weight and support for the aluminium sheets that make up the base and tabletop. They are made in a unique edition of nine pcs. by a foundry in Norsborg, Stockholm.

* Beech wood, high gloss lacquer

A podium that was initially created for an exhibition about flags at the Nordic Museum, Stockholm. It is now manufactured as a table and pedestal by one of the oldest furniture companies in Sweden, Gärsnäs. The corner details refer to and highlight constructions that are visible on the back of the frame construction of paintings. For this purpose, a unique edition of 9 pcs. is produced in beech wood painted in a high-gloss colour.

#####**BALK** ######* Oregon pine

#####The shape refers to columns and I-beams, which, like pedestals, have a supporting and subordinate function. A visible tongue strengthens the connection between the parts. Balk is made of Oregon pine wood in a unique edition of 9 pcs. by a cabinetmaker based in Stockholm.

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