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Bukowskis presents ’Bracket Chair’ by FRAMA

The well-renowned and internationally acclaimed design brand Frama creates simplistic objects with an emphasis on natural material that encourages mindful living. Frama represents humbleness and simplicity, where subtleness is a core function of who they are as a company.

During Stockholm Design Week, the brand presented ’Bracket Chair’ in the historic Konstnärsbaren in central Stockholm, a collaboration with the design studio Frederik Gustav, where the forty exhibited chairs, stamped and signed, will now be sold exclusively in an online auction at Bukowskis.

The Bracket Series is a collection designed with the intent of turning an unconventional yet highly functional component, the bracket, into a beautiful feature

Frederik Weber & Gustav Dupont, founders of design studio Frederik Gustav

The chairs were presented during Stockholm Design Week at the historic KB, Konstnärsbaren, a Swedish restaurant institution established in the 1930s—a classic gathering point with a long artistic history and unique atmosphere.

Designed in collaboration with Copenhagen-based design studio Frederik Gustav in 2021 and fabricated in solid oiled pine, the series, including a chair, a bench, and shelves, is available in two finishes, warm brown and white.

The collection, inspired by traditional carpentry, features a purely functional and structural component, a bracket, turning it into an aesthetic feature highlighted throughout the entire collection. This characteristic and carefully assembled bracket strongly amplifies the beauty of raw, natural materials. Designed with environmental responsibility in mind, the Bracket Series expresses a deep material understanding and a long-lasting connection between humans and nature.

’Bracket Chair' in the finish warm brown at Konstnärsbaren in Stockholm.


Frederik Gustav is a young Danish design duo based in Copenhagen consisting of Frederik Weber and Gustav Dupont. They met during their bachelor program for Furniture Design at the Royal Academy. They teamed up after discovering their mutual passion for wood and strong interest in craftsmanship and construction techniques. Frederik Gustav’s practice is based on practical experimentation and often involves studies in a static principle or a tectonic system, which they explore artistically and functionally. Whether working with spatial design, installation art, or product design, their work is a tribute to construction and craftsmanship.

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