Collections that are built with dedication over time often become greater than their parts. The sale of a collection that has its own unique history, theme, exciting stories and overall feel, can be a very attractive deal. The Marabou Collection, Astra Collection, Karin and Lars Hall's collection of Swedish photography, Family Andersson Collection, collections of ancient Chinese works of art are just some of the collections sold successfully at Bukowskis in recent years. The secret behind many of the record-breaking bids at Bukowskis is that we have successfully showcased the collection's uniqueness. We are happy to assist individuals as well as businesses to acquire and manage collections of art and antiques. With our extensive experience and knowledge of how collections are built, we are in a unique position to advise you on the selection of works. Use our individualised services to develop a strategy to build up a unique collection from zero or augment an existing one.

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    Andreas Rydén
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