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Discreet, flexible and personal

Our sought after service Bukowskis Private Sales is an excellent option for those who require a discreet, flexible and tailor made sale or acquisition of specific design and art objects. Through Bukowskis Private Sales you are given access to a large international network of clients and specialists, guaranteeing the best possible conditions for a successful deal. We will help you with the whole deal. Our discretion is absolute. Please contact us for consultation regarding Private Sales of sales or acquisitions.

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  • Mikael Karlsson
    Mikael Karlsson
    Private Sales
    +46 (0)708 72 47 72
  • Maria Granström
    Maria Granström
    Private Sales
    +46 (0)739 40 08 09
  • Carl Barkman
    Carl Barkman
    Head Specialist Fine Art and Antiques
    +46 (0)708 92 19 71
  • Andreas Rydén
    Andreas Rydén
    Head Specialist, Art, Deputy Managing Director
    +46 (0)728 58 71 39