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During 2023, Bukowskis hammered 59 lots exceeding million SEK and 16 new world records – by far the most on the Nordic auction market.

Highlights during the year included artworks by Jim Nutt, Serge Poliakoff, Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky, Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson, Gösta-Adrian Nilsson, Isaac Grünewald, Sigrid Hjertén, Bruno Liljefors, Tove Jansson, Helene Schjerfbeck and Mamma Andersson as well as artwork by master Georg Haupt and design by Josef Frank for Firma Svenskt Tenn.

During 2023, Bukowskis' new world records was achieved for, among others, Tove Jansson, Axel Olson, Lars Lerin, Ulla Wiggen, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Torsten Andersson, Martin Wickström, Josef Frank, Otto Schulz, Carl-Axel Acking, Agda Österberg, Harald Notini.

Notable collections from the year included Tom Böttiger Collection, Sivert Oldenvi Collection, Lotte Laserstein, Ex-Collection, Bror Marklund, Co Hultén, Fundament by TAF, Signe Persson-Melin and Ett Liv – A Private Collection of Fashion.

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