Selling at Bukowskis

Through expertise, quality and the by far top average prices on the market Bukowskis is the leading Nordic auction house. Satisfied and returning customers in Sweden and internationally are our business – consignments are now accepted, our specialists look forward to hearing from you!



Pay us a visit, call us or send an email. The most effective and precise valuations are made on site since our specialists can then very carefully inspect the item. You do not need to book a time and you can visit us in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsinki. If you live in or near Norrköping, you can contact our local appraisers who are available for valuating and accepting items for sale.
Our valuers are constantly on the road to meet with those of you who do not live near to one of these cities. You are welcome to request a home visit.

Things to remember when you email us:
The more photographs the better. Don’t forget the back of the painting or object where there may be a signature or stamp. After evaluating the item, our experts will suggest which sale would be most suitable for including the item.
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When you have decided to sell we write a contract that includes cataloguing and photographing the item. Last, but not least agreement has to be reached about the estimate and your accepted minimum price.

How much does it cost to sell through Bukowskis?
Conditions of sale online auctions
Conditions of sale live auctions)



If you are selling an item the auction starts at the moment when the item is published. The object is now accessible for a global group of customers who look for artefacts by googling specific categories, names or stylistic terminology. Purchasers can also access Scandinavia’s largest auctioneering firm on the Internet or via our other digital channels. They can now follow the progress of the auction and can check on the bidding. Remember that there is almost always a ‘spurt’ in the bidding during the final minutes.

Bukowskis hammer auctions are hugely exciting and they have attracted an enthusiastic public for centuries. Items at these sales are knocked down at a specific moment in the saleroom in Stockholm. The auctioneer and his or her assistants keep track of the bids in the room as well as telephone bids and online bids. The proceedings are ‘streamed’ and one can enjoy seeing what is going on at wherever you happen to be in the world.



After auction completion we collect payment from the purchaser. After we have received payment, we remit payment to the vendors bank account. This process may take up to 30 days after the date of auction completion and up until 35 working days for online auctions.