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Sell at Bukowskis – Sell in 3 easy steps

Our expertise, quality and the highest average prices on the market make Bukowskis the leading auction house for Fine Art and Design in the Nordic region. We are now accepting consignments; contact us today to sell quality art and design.

Step 1 – How to do a valuation

Choose an alternative way of valuation

Email valuation
Online valuation
Valuation through personal meetings
Valuation at one of our offices

Step 2 – Selling at Bukowskis

Bukowskis has several sales channels for items valued by specialists. Either the item will be sold on our Online only auctions or our Live auctions which take place every spring and autumn.

Auctions – Online only
Auctions – Live
Private Sales

Step 3 – Sign a contract

Once you have decided to sell, a contract is written including the complete catalogue entry, photography, estimate and reserve price.

The estimate is the market valuation of an item before auction and serves as guidance for the buyer. The reserve is a hidden lowest minimum price that the seller will accept. How much does selling an item cost?

⟶ See our price list
⟶ See our sales terms – Auctions Online only
⟶ See our sales terms – Auctions Live

When the auction is over

Once the auction is over, we take payment from the successful buyer. The money is then paid into the seller’s bank account. This takes 30 days after completion of a Live/hammer auction and up to 35 banking days for Online only auctions.